Evidence Action Senior Program Manager (Deworm the World Initiative) Job in Kenya

Evidence Action

Senior Program Manager, Deworm the World Initiative
Deworm the World Initiative – Nairobi, Kenya

About Evidence Action: Evidence Action scales proven development solutions to benefit millions of people around the world. 

We fill the gap between knowing ‘what works’ and having impact at scale. We implement cost-effective interventions whose efficacy is backed by substantial rigorous evidence. 


We identify innovative, appropriate financing mechanisms and build best-practice operational models. We voraciously self-evaluate, learn, and improve our models for scaling with a commitment to transparency on progress, impact, and value for money.  
Our two flagship programs reached over 100 million people this year. One of them, the Deworm the World Initiative, was again selected by GiveWell as one of only four Top Charities on the planet.  

About Deworm the World Initiative: The Deworm the World Initiative enables governments to eliminate the public health threat of intestinal worms through school-based mass deworming programs. 

We advocate for school-based deworming to policymakers and provide technical assistance to launch, strengthen and sustain programs targeting all at-risk school-age (and sometimes preschool-age) children. 
We have a strong, existing partnership with the Government of Kenya as the technical implementation partner and fiscal agent for Kenya’s National School-Based Deworming Program, which is jointly implemented by the ministries of education and health. 
The program is delivered through a multi-tier training and distribution cascade, whereby all levels of government, from national to local, are engaged to ensure treatment of school-age and preschool-age children in all at-risk areas.

Purpose: The Deworm the World Kenya program entails working closely with the government and providing technical support for program implementation across the country.

The Senior Program Manager is responsible for ensuring the high quality delivery of all elements of program implementation. 
He/she will manage the staff of Deworm the World Kenya’s implementation team to achieve their maximum potential; oversee program elements including the training cascade, community sensitization and outreach, and drug distribution and management; and, will work closely with Evidence Action’s policy, monitoring and evaluation, and finance and administration teams to ensure quality support for program delivery. 
The Senior Program Manager will be accountable for program coverage targets that are attained through quality implementation and program ownership from the lowest to highest levels of government.


Program Management:

  • Manage a team of implementation staff to ensure successful deworming in all targeted sites
  • Collaborate with government to develop and refine program design, goals, plans, workplans, and budgets
  • Improve program delivery and cost-effectiveness by incorporating lessons learned and data analysis from Evidence Action’s monitoring and evaluation team
  • Supervise government drug requisition and distribution processes, working in close partnership with government personnel to ensure timely submission of requests to WHO, appropriate procurement methods and quantities, and timely and adequate delivery of drugs to the field.
  • Lead development of program protocols, obtain approval, disseminate and ensure adherence to all approved protocols
Strategic Management Tasks:
  • Provide strategic advice to government partners to ensure timely, high quality program implementation
  • Distill technical support to key contributions and determine appropriate functions to be transferred to government systems
  • Contribute to and support innovations around implementation of new and upcoming deworming programs in other locations outside Kenya
  • Provide input on discussions surrounding school health, deworming, and related issues at national and international forums
Relationship Management:
  • Liaise consistently and collaboratively with Evidence Action’s Finance, Policy, Monitoring Learning and Information Systems, and global teams to maximize those teams’ contributions to program excellence
  • Arrange field visits and trainings to increase clarity of program objectives, challenges and successes among stakeholders including donors, government officials, staff members and other potential partners
  • Support program objectives amongst key stakeholders by maintaining positive communication within the Deworm the World Initiative team, policymakers, donors, NGOs, and other international partners
  • Ensure a sound working relationship with partners in the field at the counties and sub-counties
Reporting and Budget Management:
  • Author and ensure timely delivery of donor reports from the program implementation perspective
  • Provide regular information to government partners about the progress, challenges and opportunities faced by the program, and ensure their ongoing understanding and engagement with information leading to timely decision-making and action
  • Review program financial records to provide timely, high quality, and useful reports to donors on use of funds for program implementation, in collaboration and supported by Evidence Action’s finance team.
  • Develop the program implementation budget, and maintain financially stable program execution
  • Adhere to budget limits and provide leadership to the implementation team on compliance to GoK guidelines, ensuring cost-effective implementation
Personnel Management:
  • Lead people management for the Deworm the World Kenya implementation team and actively work on staff retention, motivation and professional development, including timely goal-setting and performance evaluation.
  • Manage members of the implementation team by providing the necessary workplans and support for specific program tasks, observation of program standards and protocols, and adherence to timelines and quality standards
  • Nurture a team that reflects a healthy work environment for self and team members
  • Champion of Evidence Action values in action.
Qualifications and Skills
  • Bachelors degree required, Masters preferred
  • Minimum of 8 years in program implementation, at least 2 years managing a team.
  • Proven experience developing budgets, communicating with donors and managing the financial health of a large program, project or organization.
  • Experience working with government programs, including collaborating with senior government officials at national and sub-national levels
  • Ability to handle complex projects under tight deadlines and in a fast paced environment
  • Experience working with strong monitoring and evaluation teams and integrating that information into decision making practices
  • Demonstrated ability to think strategically, lead teams, make high-level decisions, and navigate politically-sensitive terrain.
  • High level of comfort with information technology
  • Excellent oral and written communicator
  • Adaptable and team player who is interested in being part of a fast-paced, growing and diverse team with a start-up atmosphere
  • A sense of humor rated at least a 6.52 out of 10.
How to Apply
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