Financial Controller Job in Kenya

Financial Controller
Reporting to CFO
Main Purpose of the Job: To support the CEO / the business, oversee business-facing aspects of the groups finances, including accounting, financial reporting, forecasting and auditing as well as provide management information to the business for strategic decision-making.

To provide accurate and timely financial and operational information to the executive and functional management.

Key Result Areas

1. Strategy

Final Approval: CEO/CFO/Management
1.1 Develops the operational strategy for Group Finance – Actuals, budgeting and forecasting, reporting and head office companies
1.2 Identifies key financial risks and communicates to CEO/Management with proposed solutions.
1.3 Directs projects and road maps for financial systems and processes.
1.4 Research and investigate best practice for reporting, systems, processes and recommend changes and enhancements.
1.5 Integrate and develop processes that meet finance needs across the group
1.6 Resolve complex issues within functional area of expertise.
1.7 Responsible for performing and maintaining long term financial planning that contributes to overall strategy

Key Deliverables

  • Annual Group Finance Process & Reporting Strategy in place aligned to overall Business Strategy
  • Annual Roadmaps for Financial Process and Reporting in place aligned to overall Business Strategy
  • Set in place Systems to deliver information required for monthly, quarterly and annual financial requirements/years
2. Operational – Actuals And Reporting
Final Approval: CEO/CFO/Management
2.1 Timely analysis of financial information (actuals, budgets forecasts and reports) including but not limited to – Identify, quantify and raise/address risks and opportunities to business results, arranging operations performance data/meetings to facilitate executive decision making, Reviews monthly consolidated management accounts to ensure compliance with financial policy,
2.2 Responsible for group timetables for Actuals, Budgets, Forecasts  Reporting and Audit
2.3 Focus on cost containment for the department, monitoring, identifying, addressing variance vs. budgets and forecasts and Pro-actively work towards increasing efficiency, and improving quality and speed of delivery of financial information, Reviews, monitors, identifies and addresses variances of actual to the budget on a quarterly basis, Responsible for approving budget and defined tolerances
2.4 Work with the CFO and Management to design implement and continually upgrade standard management reporting.
2.5 Continually look for ways to refine and improve the assembly and dissemination of meaningful financial data throughout the organization to assist in management’s decision making abilities.
2.6 Work effectively with business leaders to proactively drive key business initiatives and prepares and consolidates (where applicable) the capex and departmental budget/s for inclusion in the annual budget;

Key Deliverables

  • Monthly Reporting Timetable & Audit timetable
  • Approved monthly management accounts, quarterly board reports and covenant certificates
3. Statutory Financial Reporting & Group Audit
Final Approval: CEO/CFO/Management
3.1 Manage the group audit process and ensure all deadlines are met all management report items are resolved before the next audit
3.2 Prepare and liaise with External Auditors presenting key and material accounting items for discussion and resolution
3.3 Ensure all operations financial controls are in place and functioning effectively

Key Deliverables

  • Signed annual financial statements.
  • Defined accounting policies based on technical Papers and meetings with auditors
4. Budgeting and Forecasting
Final Approval: CEO/CFO/Management

4.1 Responsible to develop value adding budgeting and forecasting processes setting up templates, creating charts, graphs and analysis to summarize key financial data that facilitates efficient executive review and decision making.

4.2 Co-ordinate and manage the overall financial budgeting forecasting processes working closely with the business finance teams and ensure analysis of budget data and forecasts to ensure compliance 
4.3 Actively participate in business planning session and support the development of short and long-range financial and business plans
Key Deliverables
  • Budget & Forecasting timetable
  • Approved Group budget
5. Management of the Financial Controls
Final Approval: CEO/CFO/Management
5.1 Develops the necessary plan/s to ensure that the Department meets its agreed goals and objectives, meets departmental staff on a monthly basis, identifies and agrees key result areas, key objectives/tasks and action plans;
5.2 Overviews, updates and maintains the departmental organization structure and Ensure the correct training and development is available to enable Finance Control departments to achieve their objectives;

Key Deliverables

  • Job Descriptions and PDPs in place for direct reports
  • Identification, attraction and retention of skills
Post School Qualifications
  • Must have a degree in Finance / accounting or economics and statistics
  • Must have Chartered Accountant or equivalent.
  • Must have Postgraduate qualification (e.g., MBA /MSC)
  • Minimum 10 -15 years’ experience in a similar or related environment, with a minimum of 3 years in a Senior Management position.
  • Responsible for the management of Financial reporting and control for all business entities across countries in Africa
Email cv to copy on or before 10th June 2016, Indicate current salary and expected salary in your mail.
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