Marketing Manager Job in Kenya

Marketing Manager

Key Result Areas and Related Activities

Managing all the marketing activities
  • Develop the marketing strategy
  • Co-ordinate marketing campaigns with sales activities
  • Working closely with the graphic and UI designer
  1. To produce marketing material in line with marketing plans
  2. To prepare online and print material
  • Plan and implement promotional campaigns (locally and internationally)
  • Oversee lead generation campaigns and receive feedback on results
  • Overall responsibility for brand management and corporate identity
  • Responsible for the relationships with the studios for collateral
  • Responsible for the studio’s CI for approval of artwork
  • Responsible for the relationships with suppliers
  • Creating a wide New branded merchandise
  • Working closely with the digital agencies, production agencies and full service agencies (locally and internationally)
  • Involvement in an administrative role – raising PO’s and sourcing invoices
  • Maintaining the relationship Now digital agency – Website maintenance
  • Continual analysis of competitor activity per country
  • Maintain effective internal communication with all team members
  • Oversight of Now Operations team
  • Managing Now social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
  • Event management and negotiations and launches per country
  • Oversight of the email addresses
  • Creation of supplier, customer, studio contact databases
  • Negotiating budgets with suppliers, agencies, resellers and other
  • Managing the Graphic and UI Designer and activities associated with his roles and responsibilities
  • Regular and frequent travel
  • Weekly reporting to the CEO and COO (Marketing update)
Resellers / Account Management Role
  • Working closely with the sales teams per region, enabling them to meet their commercial objectives by providing them with appropriate tools, materials and presentations
  • Creating incentives for the sales teams per regions marketing collateral obtained
  • Overseeing the reseller’s marketing budget
  • Supplying resellers with marketing support and collateral
  • Oversee the training and access of the FTP site
  • Training of sales executives per country on TV brand
  • Developing and managing of marketing planner per country
  • Approvals on reseller brochures to customers and reseller websites from studio’s
  • Forecasting of figures per week, month, quarter, yearly
  • Assisting with events, activations,
OTT (Direct Customers)
  • Developing the OTT strategy
  • Identifying and appointing of local agencies
  • Directing and overseeing the social media campaign
  • Relationships with suppliers (per country)
  • Creating the marketing budget
  • Producing an accurate summary of total spend at the end of a marketing campaign
Post School Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing
  • Masters in Marketing or management
  • 10 years working experience with 7 years in FMCG industry and management level
Email cv to copy on or before 10th June 2016.
Indicate on mail your current and expected salary.
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