Médecins du Monde Baseline Study and Inventory of Social and Community Dynamics in Bosaso, Somalia Consultancy Opportunity

Call for consultancy

Baseline study and Inventory of social and community dynamics in Bosaso, Somalia

Médecins du Monde (MdM) is an international humanitarian organization whose mission is 

  • to provide medical care for the most vulnerable populations when they are faced with crisis or exclusion from society, the world over, including France, 
  • to stimulate voluntary commitment from doctors, other health care providers, and from those whose expertise in other fields is needed for its activities,
  • to enlist all competent support required for the achievement of its projects, 
  • to seek at all times to encourage close working relationships with populations in its care. 


The goal of MdM in Somalia is to offer health care services to the civilian populations in Bosaso, Puntland. 
The MdM strategy programs are implemented jointly with a local partner, Integrated Services for Displaced People (ISDP) and Ministry of Health in Bosaso. 
MdM supports the MoH and the local partner on the technical, administrative, logistics and monitoring side. 
This project aims at providing quality Maternal and Children health services to IDPs and host population in Bosaso
Description of the consultancy

Project title: Baseline study and Inventory of social and community dynamics in Bosaso, Somalia

Technical area: Community approach and health

Purpose of Consultancy: The purpose of a community diagnosis is to allow identification of a social fabric, of a “potential” – that is, the existing resources within the “communities” – and to evaluate this local dynamic, upon which the team can base its work

The diagnosis should focus on identifying opportunities for change that exist within the groups and can be taken advantage of. It will help start an exchange and an airing of viewpoints between the groups encountered in the intervention area. 
It should set in motion a local process and enable partnership-building.

This mission will consist of an inventory/mapping of community processes initiated by local stakeholders involved in health issues – SRH and GBV, in particular – who would be fertile ground for potential partnerships between civil society stakeholders, local intermediaries and MdM, and to produce a quantitative baseline study on SRH/GBV.

General objective: Inventory of the social and community dynamics/resources and baseline study in SRH/GBV.
Specific objectives 
  • To have a better understanding of:
  1. Community health practices, with particular attention to community SRH, FGM and GBV practices
  2. The notions of “community” and group, the social stratification
  • To identify the various mechanisms and social phenomena that lead to situations of exclusion.
  • To establish a dialog between the different stakeholders identified during the feedback phase.
  • To assess possibility and level of collaboration with TBA
  • To provide quantitative data on baseline levels per indicator as outlined in the inception phase of  the proposal
Expected outputs    
Consultation with civil society and community stakeholders should provide information on the following:
  1. community health practices, particularly those related to SRH, FGM and GBV – initiatives either directly or indirectly related to health implemented by those stakeholders, and their reach;
  2. Connections between the local stakeholders and their actions and national dynamics
  3. The social organization of the communities, with identification of the power issues directly or indirectly related to health.
  4. Consultant should provide in depth analysis of qualitative and quantitative  data’s  / research conducted on thematic areas
  5. A report of the consolidated qualitative and quantitative research with high level primary analysis
  • The mapping of community based organization working on SRH and GBV aims to identify CBOs willing to or already working on SRH and GBV, and assess their mandates, philosophy, organizational and programme implementation capacities.
  • The coverage of each organization, according to its area of intervention and clanic structure will be also assessed.
  • Identify and establish with CBO’s the best and suitable approach based on cultural and religious environment.
  • Assessment of the cooperation with traditional birth attendant.
  • Reviewing the existing baseline studies by other organization active in Somalia, including baseline data from our current project.
  • Development of the Community empowerment approach survey protocol, budget, and timeline including the participatory activities, training, quantitative and qualitative data collection, data analysis, report writing and presentation of the results.
Project location: Bosaso town and district (Puntland)

Number of Days: Between 70 and 80 days to be completed based on the methodology

Time period: From: 1st July 2016 To: October 2016
Report completion: October 15th

2. Key competences, technical background, and experience required:

  • Master degree’s in Public health and  or related to social sciences;
  • Strong experience in socio-anthropological approach to health
  • Extensive experience in community health diagnosis, particularly on sexual and reproductive health topics.
  • Very good knowledge of qualitative survey methodology and practical experience in implementing community empowerment, social-cultural surveys;
  • Experience of conducting qualitative research in Somalia
  • Experience of conducting qualitative research looking at SRH, GBV and FGM
  • Fluency in English and Somali compulsory
  • Experience of computers and software for word processing, and an asset on data entry and data analysis software.
3. MdM Responsibilities during consultancy
  • Arrange and fund all international flights and Somalia travel/ logistics, including visas
  • Arrange accommodation and meals
  • Provide Security Briefing to consultant
  • Review all plans/ tools before use
  • Review all reports and provide feedback
  • Liaise with local implementing partners on behalf of the consultant
4. Application
Interested candidates are requested to send their resumes and the cover letters in English in electronic format with reference “Baseline study and Inventory of social and community dynamics Bosaso, Somalia ” to the following email addresses: info@mdmfsomalia.org
Deadline: 25 June 2016 at 7:00pm       
After reviewing the applications, only short-listed applicants will be contacted by phone or email.

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