UNICEF Consultancy to Prevent HIV and Protect Adolescent Girls and Boys from violence, abuse and exploitation in Migori County, Kenya

Expression of Interest for NGO Partnership
Preventing HIV and Protecting Adolescent Girls and Boys from violence, abuse and exploitation in Migori County, Kenya
Despite overall progress in reducing new HIV infections and AIDS related deaths, progress for adolescents 10 to 19 years has been uneven in Kenya. 
In addition, about 75% of Kenyan girls and boys are violated sexually, physically and emotionally before they are 18 years old. 


To strengthen HIV prevention and treatment among adolescent boys and girls and to protect them from violence, abuse and exploitation UNICEF seeks to develop a new partnership focusing on Migori county. 
The partnership is expected to become operational at county level, with a focus on particular sub counties: Nyatike, Suna (East and West) and Rongo, support county government led coordination, and inform national policies and programmes.

UNICEF emphasises a multi-sector approach to enhance adolescents’ development and addressing the underlying determinants of HIV infection and poor treatment outcomes, including addressing gender specific needs and barriers.
It is planned that the interventions will commence in July 2016 and run up to June 2018, subject to performance and availability of funding. 
The concept note should address following:
1. Strengthen county level multi-sector coordination and advocacy to inform county planning and resource allocation for HIV and AIDS and child protection concerns, focusing on the most vulnerable adolescents
2. Test innovative interventions to prevent the transmission of HIV among most at risk adolescents,
especially girls, 10 to 19 years and improve HIV treatment enrollment, adherence and retention among adolescents living with HIV;
3. Test innovative approaches to protect girls and boys from violence, abuse and exploitation, particularly through community based mechanisms, empowering girls and boys to engage, to generate demand and to strengthen social accountability
4. Improve government systems in generating and utilizing quality data on adolescent girls and boys
5. Monitoring, documentation and real time learning to inform national policies and programmes
Potential partners should submit a 8- 10 pages concept and a total budget estimate. Bidders are expected to provide some detail of the methods / approaches / strategies they would use if selected for the full proposal stage. 
Interested partners should meet the following criteria: Experience in HIV and Child Protection in Kenya, specifically in Adolescents HIV and empowerment programming, working knowledge of Migori County, demonstrated experience in building capacity of county governments and results based programming.

Concept Notes should be submitted to the email address nairobi@unicef.org not later than 1630hours (Kenya Standard time) on 24th June, 2016. 
Any request for clarifications should be sent not later than 13th June 2016 and response shall be sent by 15th June 2016.

A technical evaluation of the submitted concept notes shall be carried out and successful partners shall be invited to submit detailed proposals in the fi rst week of July 2016.

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