Ecommerce Website Video Editor / Photographer Job in Kenya

Video Editor / Photographer for Ecommerce Website
We are a startup online smart phone retailer in Kenya looking for a young vibrant individual who has the required skills for this job.

Kindly note that we are a start-up, thus the salary we are offering is very basic.
But you are guaranteed to garner a lot of valuable experience. 
This job is perfect for a starter in the tech world seeking to learn new things and define a career in this field.


Job Description:
  • Must have the ability to create (video & photo) content that engages our users, and eventually leads to sales.
  • Must have the ability to shoot short creative videos using a video camera, for our smartphones and many other products. These videos will act as video reviews of our products.
  • Must be able to creatively edit videos. Come up with appealing videos effects, text, animations on our videos that will appeal to our users who are 99% young users. This videos are meant  for posting on social media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Must be able to take high quality photos of our products on a daily basis
  • Must be able to edit product photos for posting on social media and our website on a daily basis.
  • Must be very knowledgeable about YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and any other platforms for posting videos and photos.
  • Stay up to date with the latest technology trends in videography and photography.
  • Excellent skills in video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Excellent skills in Photo Editing software i.e  Adobe Photoshop
  • Excellent Photography skills.
  • MUST  have experience in using  cameras for taking photos and shooting videos
  • MUST be able to work without supervision
  •  Must be a very disciplined person with great communication skills.
  • Must have a POSITIVE attitude towards life.
  • Great presentation skills.
  • Lover of technology. MUST be a “tech freak”.
  • Knowledgeable about smart phones. 
  • Good computer skills: ability to quickly learn new software and tools.
  • High attention to detail and able to meet strict deadlines.
  • Good organizational skills including prioritizing, time management and multi-tasking.
  • Qualified candidate will undergo 3 months of probation.
How to Apply:
Send detailed cover letter and your curriculum vitae below:

(Also kindly indicate your previous salary and expected salary)

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