Head of Maintenance Job in Kenya

Position: Head of Maintenance
The Role: The incumbent will be responsible for ensuring all the eateries and facilities are kept clean and Well maintained according to public health requirements, and will direct and support Maintenance Staff in maintaining a safe environment for the staff and clients.
  • Ensure that grounds and facilities are neat and clean and all health standards are met
  • Participate in weekly Department Head meetings
  • With other Department Heads, provide proactive leadership and guidance
  • Regularly inspect maintenance equipment to ensure it is in proper working order
  • Observe all relevant health and safety standards in the performance of duties
  • Coordinate the ordering of all cleaning and maintenance supplies and ensure sufficient stock is maintained throughout
  • Oversee the use of maintenance equipment and tools by Staff and volunteers and ensure items are returned promptly to the maintenance store room
  • Conduct regular operational testing of septic system according to regulations to ensure proper functioning
  • Ensure safe storage and disposal of all hazardous materials and supplies
  • Maintain a clean and organized work environment
  • Train all maintenance staff (paid and volunteer) in safe handling and operation of equipment and handling of cleaning and hazardous materials according to health and safety standards
  • Prepare a fair and equitable work schedule for all maintenance staff
  • Provide ongoing supervision and guidance (including regular coaching and feedback) to all maintenance staff to ensure a safe, productive and positive work environment
  • Prepare daily, weekly, and seasonal maintenance task lists and ensure completion
  • Prepare a weekly status report and submit to the Operations Director with copy to Property Committee
  • Create a “TO DO” list where any maintenance concerns can be reported and follow through on these reports
  • Make regular inspection of the facilities and report any problems immediately to the Operations or designate and follow-up to ensure that necessary action is taken
  • Submit to the Operations an end of season report of the Maintenance department, including any recommendations as well as an inventory of supplies and materials
  • Prepare and submit ‘Transition report’, outlining strategies and other relevant information to be shared with future Head of Maintenance
  • Ensure facilities are clean and areas are secured appropriately
  • Any other duties as assigned by the Operations
Qualifications: At least three years of successful supervisory experience, preferably in a hospitality or facility maintenance position.
Education: Bachelor’s degree in engineering or business management is desirable although significant experience and special training may be acceptable in lieu of a degree.
Core competencies: 
  • Communication, Facilities Management, Human Resource Development
  • Demonstrated technical and leadership skills
  • Related experience in facility maintenance
  • Supervisory experience a definite asset
  • Aptitude for general repairs
  • Excellent organizational skills/Proven ability to multitask
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proven leadership and team-building skills   
  • Valid driver’s license   
email your application to mary.mweni@cdl.co.ke
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