iHub Kenya Chief Executive Officer Job Vacancy

Vacancy: Kenya Chief Executive Officer

The iHub, an innovation hub and hacker space for the technology community in Nairobi, is considered the most successful tech hub in Africa and one of the most recognizable brands in the world. 

It has played a pivotal role in growth of the tech community outside of Nairobi through advisory services resulting in the establishment of hubs in Mombasa, Kisumu, and Rift Valley. 

Moreover, the iHub has also supported establishment of hubs in several African countries (Botswana, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe) and is a founding member of Afrilabs, the umbrella body of innovation hubs on the continent. 
This incubator space represents a vibrant community of tech innovators and entrepreneurs looking to build and scale tech start-ups. 
Over the past few years, iHub has cemented itself as the nexus point, not just for the Kenyan tech community, but the world.

The iHub’s vision is to create an ecosystem for innovation and technology to solve pressing issues in which those innovations spur entrepreneurial ventures that create jobs and promote human capital development and opportunity. 

We believe that our collective experience can usher in a paradigm shift of innovation-led development that gives people the tools to invent solutions to the pressing issues they face each day, such as access to quality education, healthcare, food security, and poverty. 
We aim to provide the capacity, education, and services needed for these inventions to turn into entrepreneurial organizations that can scale up to increase employment opportunities, capacity building, and knowledge exchange.

Today, the iHub is entering a new chapter where they will sharpen their service offerings, become more profitable, and find and grow leading, innovative, and forward thinking start-ups.  

To this end, the iHub is in search of a (Chief Executive Officer) CEO to usher in this new chapter and build a sustainable and profitable tech business that can scale up regionally and globally.
Job Summary: The ideal CEO is someone who has the right mix of leadership, passion, energy, experience, business savvy, entrepreneurial spirit, innovative nature, and the ability to be a visionary.  
S/he must have a proven track record, understand the tech industry, and how to monitor the key trends and pivot accordingly. 
Working with the Board of Directors, the CEO will advance the iHub’s vision and mission and provide high-level strategic and tactical leadership.  
As the chief steward of the organization, s/he will develop strategic partnerships, ensure overall revenue and profit goals are achieved, and motivate a high performance, innovative, and results-driven organization.  
S/he must also be comfortable working with global customers, investors, donors, and relevant stakeholders.
It is also imperative that s/he be motivated by the organisation’s ability to connect people, support start-ups, and surface information—ultimately, leveraging all these attributes to support the growing local, continental, and international tech community. 

Is this you?

Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of the CEO are outlined below:

Leadership and Strategy

  • Serve as a spokesperson for the organization who can articulate and promote the iHub’s vision and mission;
  • Provide strong and innovative leadership in an open collaborative environment;
  • Lead, in conjunction with the Board, the development and implementation of the short and long-term strategies;
  • Create and refine  the organisation’s vision, keeping in mind the strategy as well as current/future trends;
  • Ensure effective internal controls and management information systems are in place;
  • Set the tone and direction by communicating the strategy and vision of where the organization is headed;
  • Provide avenues for full and open communication and collaboration with the community at large to promote an awareness of the diverse and changing needs of the community;
  • Communicate effectively with investors, employees, and stakeholders;
  • Ensure that the organisation  maintains high standards of corporate citizenship and social responsibility wherever it does business; and
  • Ensure the integrity of all public disclosure by the organization.
Board Engagement
  • Act as a liaison between the organisation and the Board;
  • Keep the Board fully informed on the governance and condition of the iHub and the influencing internal and external factors;
  • Identify and address opportunities and challenges, bringing those which are necessary to the attention of the Board and/or its committees;
  • Inform the Board and stakeholders about the trends and activities to facilitate policy making;
  • Liaise effectively with senior management to develop Board agendas and organize annual meeting of shareholders and special meetings when appropriate; and
  • Sit on committees of the Board where appropriate as determined by the Board.
Management and Administration
  • Provide general oversight of all iHub activities, manage the day-to-day operations, and ensure a smoothly functioning and efficient organization;
  • Build a strong brand through thought leadership and relationship management activities;
  • Keep abreast of all material undertakings and activities of the organisation  and all internal and external factors affecting the organisation;
  • Assure organizational stability through development and implementation of standards and controls, systems and procedures, and regular evaluation;
  • Assess the principal risks of the organisation  and ensure that these risks are being monitored and managed;
  • Lead by personal example and encourage all employees to conduct their activities in accordance with all applicable laws and the organisation’s standards and policies, including its environmental, safety, and health policies; and
  • Assure a work environment that recruits, retains, and supports quality staff.
  • Oversee the fiscal activities of the organization, including budgeting, reporting, and audit;
  • Increase sales and promotion of iHub services;
  • Manage revenue, expenses, external financing to maintain consistent growth of business;
  • Ensure revenue growth is achieved and sustainable to sustain and meet the goals of the strategic plan; and
  • Create strategic partnerships and build relationships to provide resources to grow the organization.
Human Resource
  • Develop a culture and environment that will help attract, retain, and optimise the most capable staff and innovators; and
  • Ensure the organisation is appropriately organized and staffed and that staff are performing at an optimal level.
  • Ensure that the organisation conducts its activities both lawfully and ethically; and
  • Assure the filing of all legal and regulatory documents and monitor compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

The ideal candidate should have the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field;
  • Minimum of ten (10) years professional experience with three to five (3 – 5) years in senior management;
  • Demonstrate critical competencies of a CEO: commitment to results, business savvy, leading change, and motivating;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the context in Kenya and Africa as it relates to innovation, start-ups, and the tech industry;
  • Experience as an entrepreneur who has taken at least one start-up from seed round all the way to an investor’s exit strategy (desired);
  • Demonstrable experience in fundraising through angels, super angels, and venture capitalists;
  • Ability to channel and synthesize expectations and needs of multiple constituents, including users and developers;
  • High level of comfort and passion for technology and a sense of the possibilities of community and collaboration;
  • Experience in working with an international community of people and organizations;
  • A highly regarded professional stature and credibility;
  • Effective at leading and managing highly independent and self-motivated employees;
  • Ability to prioritize and tackle multiple tasks and see the big picture;
  • Proven ability to meet budget, revenue, and profit goals;
  • Excellent leadership, negotiation, management, problem solving, and interpersonal skills;
  • Possess maturity, high integrity, sound judgment, persistence, and humility;
  • Excellent oral and written communication, social, and interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to solve problems, work under pressure, effectively make decisions, and address urgent matters;
  • Ability to plan, effectively, and to delegate;
  • Strategic, visionary, and innovative thinker; and
  • Track record of building innovative, creative, and collaborative teams.
If you believe you qualify for this position, please apply for the position by sending your CV and Cover Letter to recruitment@dpckenya.com

 Only qualified candidates shall be contacted

Candidates are reviewed immediately and interviews will be conducted on an ongoing basis until a candidate is secured.

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