USAID TIS Program Graphic Designer Job in Kenya

Seeking: Graphic Designer
(Contract to run through 31st August, 2016)
USAID Transition Initiatives for Stabilization (TIS) Program: The Transition Initiatives for Stabilization (TIS) project, funded by USAID and implemented by DAI Global LLC (referred to as DAI), responds to the complex crisis that evolved in Somalia due to twenty-five years of conflict. 
TIS strives to increase confidence in all levels of government through the delivery of targeted interventions that improve service delivery and advance peace.

TIS supports events, training, and activities to increase dialogue on peace, recovery, and development in Somalia – with participants from civil society, government, and private sector, including women and youth. 
By strengthening dialogue and participatory processes, the project builds local and national capacity to promote a culture of transparency and accountability in governance. 
TIS also supports improved economic opportunities, especially for women, by conducting workforce development and livelihood improvement programming. 
The overall project goal is to mitigate conflict, promote stability and community cohesion, and strengthen citizen-government relationships.

TIS is approaching its close down on September 30, 2016. 
After more than five years of work, the project supported the implementation of many activities and has a lot of success stories and lessons learned to share. 
The project management team is currently working on final deliverables including the final report, thematic activity reports and other material highlighting achievements and impacts.
In this perspective, DAI is looking to hire a qualified graphic design service provider to assist in the design of different eye-catching graphics for project reports and material as described in the tasks below.
Objective: The objective of this assignment is to design visual infographics that describe different activities undertaken by TIS throughout its period of performance and their impact.
Duties and responsibilities:
To achieve the above mentioned objective, the following tasks are required:
1. Participate in a kick-off meeting with TIS management team: To better understand the requirements of the assignment and activities undertaken by the program, and be able to design appropriate graphics, the graphic designer will set-up a meeting with the project management team to receive appropriate guidance, provide feedback and comments on these ToR, and advise the team on the best way forward.
2. Review relevant project documents and material: TIS will provide relevant reports, pictures, material and data to the graphic designer for review. 
These documents should allow him/her to getmore familiar with project’s activities and impacts. This will allow him/her to highlight these impacts using visual informative graphics. 
The content of all reports required will be prepared by the project team and made available before the start of this assignment. The graphic designer is not required to draft any section of the reports. 
S/he will receive data, pictures and texts and work on generating eye-catching graphics demonstrating the success and impact of the project. S/he is only required to design and insert graphics, pictures and arrange the final layout of reports to make them suitable for publishing.
 In addition, and given that USAID has its own templates and branding, all reports will be provided by TIS in line with USAID templates including all logos and other branding requirements.
3. Design visual informative graphics for final project deliverables: Based on the guidance received from the project management and information included in documents, design eye-catching visual infographics that would demonstrate the success and impact of the project as follows:
  • Design infographics, add pictures and arrange the final layout of the project’s final report (approximately 60-80 pages);
  • Design infographics, add pictures and arrange the final layout of one impact assessment report (around eighty pages divided into four sections);
  • Design infographics, add pictures and arrange the final layout of eight thematic reports (four pages each);
  • Advise the team on the best way to present activities and impacts to the public at large, insert infographics and pictures and make documents mentioned above ready for publishing.
4. Revise designs according to TIS comments on the reports: The graphic designer will deliver reports with graphics, pictures and a proper layout for review and comments by the project team. 
S/He will include comments pertaining to graphics and layout provided by TIS in the deliverables until they are considered final and ready for print-out.

5. Provide all source files in soft copy to DAI: Once all deliverables are final and approved by TIS, the graphic designer will deliver soft copies of all source files in addition to soft copies in PDF format ready for print-out. 
S/He will also provide any specific guidance or input required to ensure proper printing.
The following deliverables are required in soft copies with source files and PDF formats:
  1. One project final report with graphics, photos and a proper layout; [approximately 16 infographics required];
  2. Nine thematic four-page reports with graphics, photos and a proper layout; [approximately 18 infographics required];
  3. One impact assessment report (around 140 pages divided into four sections) with graphics, photos and a proper layout [approximately 140 infographics required].
The content of the above mentioned reports, photos to be inserted in the text, and data required to generate visual infographics will be provided by TIS.

The following qualifications are required:
  • At least five years of professional experience in graphic design with a good track record in the preparation of infographics;
  • Experience transforming complex data sets into compelling and creative visualizations emphasizing impact.
  • Must have relevant graphic design experience with USAID or other International donor publications.
Do you have the above qualifications and skills?
If so, please send 
(1) a CV/Proposal that includes 3 references in PDF format 
(2) A cover letter explaining why you are eligible for the position, 
(3)A filled and signed copy of the 1420 bio data form which can be downloaded from

Companies and Individuals are encouraged to apply.

Forward your application to and copy 
Closing date: Tuesday, 19th July 2016.

Please note only short listed candidates/companies will be contacted. 
Please put Graphic Designer as the email subject.

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