Well Told Story Knowledge and Learning Research Manager Job in Kenya

Research Manager for Knowledge and Learning

Told Story is a socially-oriented media research and production company
based in Kenya and focused on creating social and economic value for
young people in Africa.

Since we were established in 2009, Well
Told Story has developed a set of interlinked and evolving proprietary
media all intended to reach and engage young people with important ideas
that can benefit their lives. 


is centered on Shujaaz, an on-going multi-media communications platform
encompassing monthly comic books, daily syndicated radio shows, SMS,
online, video, national TV and activations that has reached more than
69% of Kenyans aged 15-24, won two International Emmy Awards, and has
recently launched across Tanzania.

Our success comes from deep, insightful research informing brilliant media. 

in-house research team provides a deep understanding of our audience
and clear strategies to address what hinders and motivates them. 
same team designs and applies a set of highly innovative parallel
research activities to track, understand and document the effects that
our media help to create.

Well Told Story is a hybrid sitting between commerce and international development. 

media is all free to the audience and financed by a combination of
corporations and development agencies who share our aim to transform the
lives of young people for the better.
presently include Coca-Cola, Vodafone, The Bill and Melinda Gates
Foundation, UK’s Department for International Development, The World
Bank, and others.

Knowledge & Learning at Well Told Story

The task fields for the K&L department are:

  • K&L
    Innovation Lab: generating continuous new insights and developing
    appropriate cutting edge methodologies and interventions for Well Told
    Story’s GroundTruth formative research, Media Production and Monitoring,
    and Measuring & Evaluation;
  • Generating
    deep qualitative information and insights, and maintaining profound
    understanding of the target audiences as part of strategy development,
    GroundTruth & Monitoring & Evaluation;
  • Generating deep quantitative insight and analysis as part of strategy development, Monitoring & Evaluation;
  • Co-creating, along with Creative Director, the creative strategies that inform WTS media outputs;
  • Ensuring the timely and effective sharing of insights, information, ideas and reports with relevant teams within WTS;
  • Ensuring the timely and effective sharing of insights, information, ideas and reports with WTS partners.
Key Tasks of a Research Manager, Knowledge & Learning

Research Manager ensures that K&L team adheres to the department
procedures and timelines, it is progressing along key milestones as a
team and is linked to other department through timely and purposeful

K&L HoD and RM co-management strategy:

  • There are two levels of K&L staff reporting: strategic and project-related.
  • The
    strategic level includes K&L strategy, methodological issues,
    K&L annual budget and HR/administrative issues (performance reviews,
    KPIs, and grading). At this level, the entire team reports to HoD.
  • The
    project-related level includes coordination of specific MEL strands and
    partner-specific projects, including but not limited to milestones,
    budgets, and reporting. At this level, team members report to HoD at the
    stages of the Concept Note development, data analysis, reporting and
    dissemination. The team reports to RM at the stages of timeline/activity
    planning, fieldwork, post-field follow-ups, quality-control issues and
    data cleaning/processing.
  • Regardless of the reporting line, the emails on major project milestones have to have both RM and HoD on copy.
  • Reviews
    and approvals of the documents: budgets, time plans, project teams and
    reports should be done by a project lead, reviewed by RM and signed-off
    by HoD.
Leadership and management:
collaboration with HoD, RM supervises all full- and part-time K&L
teams in Kenya, Tanzania & elsewhere, including the following:
  • Manages
    K&L projects financial efficiency through close tracking of K&L
    project budgets and activity plans; sets up monthly reviews of the
    budget with HoD and Finance team;
  • Ensures
    K&L team follows operational plans and planning processes: for each
    project each team member creates all required management/tracking
    documents (as per the Fieldwork check list) and have all the documents
    reviewed by RM and approved by HoD at least 10 working days before the
    start of the fieldwork.
  • Ensures
    there is a kick-off meeting for each single research activity at which
    RC convenes the project team to talk about methodology,
    participants/recruitment, timelines, etc. The project plan resulting
    from the meeting should document project milestones and team
    responsibilities; the project plan then serves as a guide for the
    remainder of the project life-cycle; all changes should be agreed on by
    the team, project timeline should be updated within 2 days and all
    project staff should be updated within 1 day after the change was made.
  • Ensures
    the team understands all project management procedures. Holds a
    refresher/review of all K&L procedures as necessary or at least
    twice a year.
  • Champions
    innovative approach and excellence of internal working practices,
    including project management practices and tools (e.g., K&L dropbox)
    and rigorous quality control routines.
  • Supports efforts in effective recruitment, retention and training of K&L staff;
  • Manages the time and deliverables for K&L interns and temporary staff.
Communication and planning:
  • Pro-active engagement in K&L activity planning through regular meetings with HoD;
  • Daily
    check-ins with K&L team members on where they stand on various
    tasks against timelines and quality standards, what are the challenges
    in delivering against timelines/QC standards, and how additional value
    can be delivered on various client projects whether research or
    production related; discusses challenges and opportunities with HoD
    during scheduled meetings or convenes emergency meetings if necessary.
  • For
    every in-person or phone with a client (e.g., monthly round tables,
    partner quarterly updates, etc.), puts together detailed notes go inform
    project teams and HoD on client concerns, follow up questions, program
    changes, etc.
  • Immediately updates HoD on any changes in deadlines or format for deliverables.
Support to other WTS team and partners / clients:
  • Supports client relationships team by negotiating terms of relevant third party contracts as related to K&L activities;
  • Serves
    as a point-person for collecting WTS teams’ input for regular/progress
    client reports, including quarterly updates, mid-term and annual reports
    and program-end reports. Communicates to all teams when their input is
    required, the content and format of the input, reviews the input and
    requests additional information if necessary to deliver higher value to
    the client; compiles a draft report to be finalized by HoD;
  • For
    each deliverable, ensures all clients’ questions/concerns were
    addressed before forwarding for the final approval for HoD, proactively
    suggests ways to improve deliverables;
  • In
    collaboration with HoD and client services, follows up on deliverables
    to explore feedback and requests for additional information from the
  • Collaborates
    with HoD and strategy team members to create and share with internal
    teams and clients/partners on-going learning narratives to document the
    insights and discoveries emerging from K&L;
Additional responsibilities
  • Collaborates
    with HoD on building reputation for Well Told Story as a trailblazer in
    understanding and engaging youths in East Africa by assisting in
    organizing WTS events, identifying venues for presenting WTS research
    (round tables, conferences, and similar research, academia and/or media
  • Keeps well-informed on the topics of strategic relevance to WTS, such as media, youth, digital informational resources, etc.;
  • Might be directly assigned a Project Lead role on some projects depending on their complexity and/or urgency.
Minimum Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications and Experience required for this Role
  • Master’s
    Degree in political or social sciences, market research, media or
    education with a minimum of 3 years of experience executing research in
    social sciences, media audience research or market research at a senior
    level positions;
  • Exemplary project management skills with a proven track-record of successful delivery on client projects;
  • Natural leadership skills with the ability to guide, mentor, educate and support direct reports;
  • A
    good team player and a problem solver with the ability to recognize and
    mitigate internal conflicts and curate relationships with external
    partners and clients;
  • Innovative
    thinker with strong analytical skills, curiosity and an interest in
    expanding his/her knowledge in the areas relevant for WTS success.
  • Detail oriented, values quality and excellence;
  • Excellent writing and presenting skills, a confident communicator.
Want to join our team?
us why you would make a great addition by emailing your application
together with your CV to jobs@wts.co.ke by 21st July 2016.  
Please note only successful applicants will be contacted.

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