COVAW Call for Consultancy Services for Staff Training on Child Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation of Children and Child Marriage

Terms of Reference 
Call for Consultancy Services for Staff Training on Child Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation of Children and Child Marriage
1.0 Background: COVAW is national women’s rights NGO that works towards a society free from all forms of violence against women. 
COVAWs mission is “Building social movements of change opposed to and committed to eradicating violence against women”. 
COVAW believes that by working through communities and building effective partnerships with duty bearers, violence against women can be addressed. 


COVAW is guided by its core values of respect, integrity, solidarity and commitment in improving the lives of its primary beneficiaries – women and girls.

2.0 Justification: COVAW works to address gender based violence (GBV) in various forms. COVAW has expanded its programs to include child marriages, commercial sexual exploitation of children and child trafficking. 
These programs target community members, duty bearers, organized community groups and private actors to change policies, guidelines, attitudes and practices to these violations of women and girls. 
COVAW is keen to ensure that staff has the knowledge and skills to engage on these thematic areas.

3.0 Objective of the consultancy service
The main purpose of the consultancy service is to equip COVAW staff with technical knowledge and soft skills to engage key actors in dialogue on commercial sexual exploitation of children, child trafficking and child marriage.
3.1 Child trafficking
  • Interlinkage between child trafficking, sexual exploitation and child marriage.
  • Legislative framework on child trafficking.
  • Factors contributing to child trafficking
  • Forms of child trafficking
  • Kenya as a source, transit route and destination of victims of child trafficking
  • Strategies and best practices for addressing child trafficking, including challenges faced.
3.2 Commercial sexual exploitation of children
  • Overview of commercial sexual exploitation of children
  • Forms of sexual exploitation
  • Factors predisposing children to sexual exploitation
  • Strategies & best practices for lobby & advocacy against CSEC in Kenya.
3.3 Child marriage
  • Legislative framework on child marriage
  • Factors predisposing girls to child marriages
  • Strategies and initiatives applied in addressing child marriage.
4.0 Methodology
The training methodology will be determined through discussion based on submitted proposal.

Methodology should be interactive, involve practical exercises and have a rights based approach.
5.0 Expected deliverables
The required consultancy deliverables are:
  • A training program highlighting the agreed content and approach.
  • Successfully conduct three day training
  • Share training material with COVAW for future reference
6.0 Responsibilities
COVAW will be responsible for:
  • Holding an inception meeting with the successful consultant to provide background information and to agree on expectations, content and approach
  • Reviewing the proposed training program
The consultant will be responsible for delivering the training as agreed. 
The consultant shall directly report to the Program Manager.

7.0 Timeline: It is expected that the training will take three days in early September 2016.
8.0 Skills and qualifications of consultant
  • Masters degree in a relevant Social science
  • Sound understanding of laws and country context on child trafficking, child marriage and sexual exploitation of children
  • Excellent training and presentation skills
9.0 Application process and timeline
Interested consultants/firms must submit the following documents:
1. Technical proposal (maximum of 4 pages), which must include the following:
a) Proposed program and methodology to be used in three day training
b) Consultants past experience in thematic area and in delivering training assignments
c) Financial proposal (budget) in MS Excel in Kenya Shillings.
2. CV of applicant; if applicant intends to work in a team, she/he should indicate all team members and attach CVs. Clearly highlight the Team leader.

All documents must be submitted not later than 25th August 2016 via email to with subject: “Training on commercial sexual exploitation of children, child marriage and child trafficking.

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