Creative English Language Arts / Literature Teacher Job in Nairobi, Kenya

Job Title: Creative English Language Arts / Literature Teacher
Job Code: CELA-LT/CC/160811
Number of Positions Open: 1   
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Closing Date: Open Until Filled

Summary: Our client is looking to fill a homeschool teacher position to lead the education of three children ages 10, 5 and 3.


Job Summary: The candidate will be responsible for delivering engaging and rigorous reading/writing instruction that goes deeper than English language proficiency. Syllabus will tackle grammar, punctuation, comprehension, literature study, and expository and creative writing.

Job Objectives:

The candidate will be expected to help create and deliver a curriculum that:

  • Features a balance between informational and literary reading. Informational reading includes nonfiction in history/social studies, sciences, technical studies, and the arts.
  • Provides regular practice/reading and decoding of complex texts and academic language
  • Includes content such as classic myths and stories from around the world, historical/foundational documents, seminal works of literature, poetry and the writings of Shakespeare.
  • Emphasizes reading, writing, and speaking grounded in evidence from texts, both literary and informational
  • Possesses a focus on students’ ability to read carefully and grasp information, arguments, ideas, and details based on evidence in the text.
  • Delivers practical instruction for effective argumentative and informative writing
The standard school day is 8:00am and 12:30pm (for younger children), 8:00am and 2:30pm (for 10-year-old) Monday through Friday, with the work day ending at 4:00pm. 
The candidate will train full time in Nairobi from September-December and begin teaching in Kakamega, Western Kenya from January 2017 until the end of the school year and beyond.

The candidate will contribute to curriculum development and planning, including creating syllabi and detailed lesson plans; as well as tracking progress through formal and informal assessments. 

They are expected to use a variety of teaching strategies, and planned activities should go beyond worksheets and flashcards, with a focus on helping the younger children learn by sparking their imagination, getting them moving and exposing them to new sights, sounds and sensations. 

Experience & Qualifications Required:

  • Candidates must have a Bachelors of Education with a focus in English/Literature, as well as related teaching experience (at least two years or more at a Year 4 level or above).
  • Have classroom and/or one-on-one tutoring and teaching experience (at least two years or more at a Year 4 level or above)
  • Be familiar with and have taught British or U.S. curriculum
  • Be exposed to and willing to adapt to creative learning methods
  • Be computer literate with proficiency in Microsoft Office, internet research and email platforms
  • Have excellent spoken and written English
  • Be able to prove their ability to meet objectives through past experience
  • Be willing to follow the direction and guidance of the parents, study/research different ‘non-traditional’ activities, as well as participate in training and professional development study.
  • Be able to work within a team
  • Have the ability to multi-task and work well under pressure while maintaining a friendly, enthusiastic attitude
  • Be organized and self-directed
  • Be able to manage student behavior by invoking related consequences and using incentives to fuel motivation
Knowledge and Skills Required
The ideal candidate must be willing to embrace alternative teaching methods which:
  • Promote and stimulate creativity in the students
  • Incorporate field trips, play/movement, music and the arts in everyday lessons
  • Nurture the individual student’s interests and talents
  • Include online learning
  • Strengthen life skills to include etiquette, courtesy, accountability, maturity and respect
  • Appreciate the student’s interests and skills and adapt to their specific learning styles
How to Apply:

Interested applicants contact Angela at 0723.048.483 only after emailing CV to 

Applicants who have not submitted CV electronically will not be considered.

Shortlisted candidates must complete computer proficiency tests and other practical assessments during the interview. 

Competitive salary offered, with growth opportunities available for exceptional candidates.

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