International Rescue Committee Cataract Surgeon Consultancy in Kenya

Consultancy: Cataract Surgeon
Sector: Health  
Location: Kenya 
Employee Type: Consultant 
Employee Category: Not Applicable
Term of Reference for Consultant Cataract surgeon

Introduction: The International Rescue Committee (IRC), has continued to be a health service provider in Hagadera and Kambios within the Dadaab Refugee Camp complex, since January 2009.

To avail this services to the beneficiaries, IRC has under its jurisdiction, 1 major camp hospital and 5 health posts within its implementation area, whose cumulative population is 141,649,  ( Hagadera-107,679 and Kambios-  21,093 refugees respectively,  with 12,877 of the host community).

IRC has 5 main programs which include; Health, Nutrition, Protection, Reproductive Health with HIV/AIDS and a Women Empowerment program, that are overseen by a manager who in turn reports to the Field Coordinator.

The eye program is an integral part of the Health services provided and has a full-fledged static eye clinic that also provides outreach services to all the camps across the larger Dadaab. It provides comprehensive integrated primary eye care services together with quarterly cataract surgical eye camps.

IRC aims to engage the services of two cataract surgeons/consultants for the surgical eye camp to be conducted within the last week of the Month of August, 2016 with previous experience of working in hagadera especially with refugee communities.  

The patients to be operated will be drawn from across the entire Dadaab and all those eligible will have been screened and prepared by the IRC eye care team personnel that are on the ground. 

Objective of the consultancy

  • To provide consultation services to IRC, for the benefit of all such booked patients.
  • To perform cataract surgical operations at the IRC hospital, to all eligible patients with operable cataracts in order to restore vision.
Expected Outcome: All the pre booked eye patients and those with operable cataracts will be attended and/or operated by the specialists and specific treatment provided.

Tasks to be performed

In liaison with the Health Manager, the specialist’s/consultants will be required to:

  • Conduct special clinics for all listed patients for review by the consultant.
  • Perform surgical operations for all pre-screened patients with operable cataracts.
  • Prepare and submit a concise report with a summary of patients seen/ attended/operated, to the Health Manager at the end of the 6 day camp period.
IRC Role
  • IRC Hospital eye staff will undertake to ensure the ready availability of a comprehensive list of the pre-screened patients with operable cataracts for the consultants.
  • IRC will bare the transport and freight charges of the cataract surgeon from Nairobi to Hagadera and back upon completion of the consultancy.
  • The IRC will ensure adequate stock of all drugs and other allied supplies, including requisite theatre staff.
  • The IRC will provide free accommodation for the specialist cataract surgeons with their team during the camp. However, the surgeons will be expected to contribute to the catering kitty for lunch, breakfast and dinner @ 1,250 per day.
Consultancy Venue: At the IRC hospital in Hagadera.

Duration of consultancy: The engagement of the consultancy shall be for 6 days; commencing on 22nd to 27th, August, 2016.

Terms of Payment and Utility

  • The IRC shall pay the consultants’ fee at 15,000.00 per day per consultant for the 6 days of the activity.
  • The ophthalmic theatre nurse accompanying the consultants shall be paid 5,000.00 per day for the 6 days of the activity.
  • Payments shall be made after completion and submission of a concise activity report to the Health Manager.
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Kenyan nationals are encouraged to apply. 
 International allowances are not available for this position. 
Salary and employee benefits are compliant to the Kenyan NGO Sector. 

Disclaimer: Please take note that International Rescue Committee (IRC) does not ask for any fees in connection with its recruitment processes. In the event that you receive any request  for payment of any sort, please get in touch with us on Tel: +(254-020) 2727730, Email: or report to the nearest police.


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