Inventory Accountant Career in Kenya

Inventory Accountant
Reporting to: Finance Manager
Job Duties and Responsibilities
  • Manage an high performing inventory management team
  • Establishing and implementing inventory management policies and procedures.
  • Lead the Perform daily weekly and monthly physical stock checks in all the Branches and highlight variances to the management.
  • Perform weekly and monthly physical assets and tools counts in the company and high light variances to the management.
  • Prepare and distribute daily, weekly, monthly and ad-hoc inventory levels and consumption reports to all the relevant departments.
  • Maintaining acceptable and accurate inventory levels at warehouse/inventory locations based on Re-order levels
  • Identify shortfalls and surplus inventory, daily, weekly and monthly for replenishment.
  • Coordinate with accounts department and marketing department to ensure that all product costs are properly taken in the cost of sales and inventory costs.
  • Responsible for communicating with all department managers and purchasing on inventory levels and locations.
  • Coordinate with warehouse team to implement and ensure control system to reduce damage, breakage and inventory obsolescence.
  • Reviewing obsolete/redundant inventory to facilitate their removal from the warehouse.
  • Assist Financial Manager in ad-hoc relevant projects.
  • Assist other functional units within the Finance team in carrying out jobs as and when required by the management.
  • Ensure accurate posting of all inventory transactions to the ERP system
Desired Qualifications and Experience
  • Bachelors Degree in Finance/Accounting and/or suitable background experience in inventory management in retail
  • CPA ‘K’ holder.
  • Operationally oriented and comfortable working in a retail company environment and experience with branch operations would be ideal.
  • Have a detailed understanding of current inventory control systems with a working knowledge of retail company processes.
  • 4 years’ experience in a busy environment in which 2 years in the relevant/same field
  • Experience in using SAGE as an accounting system
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
How to Apply

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