Massive Recruitment by China Gezhouba Group for an Athi Water Services Board Project

CGGC (China Gezhouba Group Company Ltd): CGGC has been contracted by the Government of Kenya through Athi Water Services Board to construct The Northern Water Collector Tunnel Phase 1 Project. 
Due to the progress of the project, CGGC would like to recruit certain local staff which shown as following. 
Kindly to remind interested applicants must be self-motivated, diligent and be persons of high performance.
Job Requirements


1. Geological Engineer 
(3 Persons Needed)
  • The design of hydraulic structures (Fig excavation and support, foundation treatment chart, the metal structure diagram, electrical diagrams, hydraulic structures diagram):
  • The underground structure analysis (Fig excavation and support, reinforcing steel bar, filling diagram)
  • Structural analysis (underground building structure calculation, finite element analysis)
  • 8 working yews in geology with a bachelor degree.
  • At least engaged in two hydraulic and tunnel projects.
2. Design Engineer  
(3 Persons Needed)
  • Ability to determine the tunnel excavation of rock classification
  • Ability to forecast the tunnel rock classification;
  • Ability to carry out geological sketch tunnel work:
  • Ability to use Auto CAD software
  • With a bachelor degree.
3. Safety Officer  
(7 Persons Needed)
  • Holding quality engineer certificate issued by the Government of Kenya and familiar with Kenyan laws 8 regulations.
  • Familiar with the concrete construction, housing construction, and earthwork construction and safety checking standard 8 safety operation regulations.
  • With engineering experience.
  • Priorities to those who has worked in Chinese companies.
  • At least 5 years’ experience site safety management with a training colleague degree or above
4. Surveyor 
(8 Persons Needed)
  • Familiar with surveying basic theory and practice.
5. Others Needed
  1. Loader operator (10 persons needed), 
  2. excavator operator (10 persons needed), 
  3. welders (oxygen welders 16 persons needed), 
  4. forklift (6 persons needed), 
  5. storekeeper (10 persons needed), 
  6. cleaners (10 persons needed).
This is a long-term effective advertising. 
Kindly save the contact and self-introduction to yourselves is highly appreciated if you are interested in working in CGGC.

How to Apply
Interested and suitably qualified candidates should forward their applications enclosing certified copies of their professional certifications, detailed CV to CGGC Email.

CGGC (China Gezhouba Group Company Ltd)
P.O Box 27768-00100 

Tel: 0711 458690

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