OneUni Coaches Job Vacancies in Kenya


Coaches Wanted

a mobile-first educational technology and services company, is looking
for individuals who love to tutor and mentor others to join our growing
network of Certified Mentors.

is a mobile-first educational technology and services company that is
partnering with top universities in Kenya to enable students to earn
university degrees primarily using a smartphone.


OneUni mobile learning platform delivers engaging, interactive learning
experiences and supports direct interaction among students, mentors and
faculty. Mentors provide continuous mentoring and subject matter
expertise to ensure students stay on track.

you are interested in making an impact by helping others to succeed in
obtaining a degree and you have a Bachelor’s Degree yourself, we are
currently searching for candidates with expertise in the following:
  • Education 
  • Communication
  • Theology 
  • Computer Programming
  • Biology 
  • Creative Writing
In addition to the above, OneUni Certified Mentors:
  • Believe that all students can successfully complete their classwork if they work hard
  • Can build a friendly relationship with a wide variety of people
  • Can communicate complex ideas in clear and simple language
  • Have impeccable follow-through
  • Own, and are comfortable using, an Android smartphone
How to Apply

you are interested and meet the above qualifications, or you have a
degree in another subject area and would like to be considered for
future openings, please submit your application at

All applications to be submitted no later than 22nd August, 2016.

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