Farm Manager Job in Kenya

Farm Manager Needed
Farm managers are responsible for rearing farm animals, tending crops, maximizing total yield, managing farm equipment supply, overall budget activities, on-field staff, and administrating the farm activities. 
They have to provide both technical and practical assistance regarding the farm management and make appropriate business for obtaining higher profitability. 

The main component of the farm is arable, dairy, livestock, and trout. Crops range include cereals, grains, oil seeds, vegetables, and/or salad crops. Livestock includes cows, sheep, trout, and poultry.

Key Responsibilities of the Farm Manager 
The key responsibilities of the farm manager will comprise:
  • Deciding the type of crops to be planted, its quality, quantity, and mode of harvest, preparing detailed plans regarding its planting and harvesting schedules, and collaborating with farm operators for carrying out these activities.
  • Planning and preparing the finance reports, setting up budget limit for various farm activities, and maintaining the farm activities in agreement with the budgeted parameters
  • Performing laborious farm activities like driving tractors on field, operating field based machinery and equipment, spraying fertilizers on field, managing livestock, etc.
  • Hiring the full time / temporary field workers for tilling ground, managing harvest, feeding livestock, and other minor duties as required, and managing the work schedule, wages, etc., of these workers accordingly
  • Buying the farm supplies like seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and food for livestock and arranging the repair and maintenance of field equipment, machineries, farm buildings, etc.
  • Managing the sales and marketing of farm products like crop harvest, livestock, and dairy production, and planning the production yield on scheduled time for sending it at market auctions within the specified deadline
  • Monitoring the production and yield quality of crops and livestock, maintaining fish and animal health and welfare as per the guidelines from regulatory authorities, and keeping up-to-date knowledge on plants and animal pests and diseases, and taking appropriate measures for curing the same
  • Monitoring the health and safety measures undertaken by the farm estate, keeping track of the health and safety of workers and other staff, maintaining environmental biodiversity, and undertaking environmental protection activities if required
  • Monitoring the entire production activities, making sure that the actual production is in accordance with production goals set and identifying and correcting the field production issue if the actual production is not in accordance with production goals
  • Apart from this, the farm manager will have to carry out certain supplementary activities like arranging bed and breakfast for holiday stays, breeding special herds, processing farm products and selling the same and any other value adding activities.
Required Qualification and Skills
  • To be eligible to get into this field, the basic educational requirement is a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics, agricultural business, agricultural engineering, or an equivalent degree in dairy, crop, or animal science from an accredited agricultural college. Also required a hands-on experience in farm management. 
  • The position will entail having working knowledge in food production, organizational skills, time management skills, supervisory skills, marketing skills, negotiation skills, and larger-scale business awareness. 
  • Also, one should have an aptitude in field management and must be committed to farm-related activities for successful accomplishment of one’s duties. 
  • One must also be aware that one needs to handle various weather situations and has to be constantly on field while undertaking the responsibilities of a farm manager.
Working Conditions: The farm manager is involved in directing all the duties related to farm operations, which include monitoring the crop harvest and livestock, supervising the field employees, and marketing the harvested crops and livestock production. 
Along with this, together with the board of directors they are also involved in management of farm accounts, loan management, and handling the government policies related to agriculture based programs and operations. 
The farm manager might also have to travel for carrying out the sales and marketing activities. 
The farm manager will report to the board of directors as often as they deem fit.


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