Jamii Bora Bank Head of Digital Bank Job in Kenya

Jamii Bora Bank
Job Title: Head of Digital Bank
Reports To: Deputy CEO

Department: Digital Bank

Division: Business
Grade: 6
Core Value Behaviors
  • Teamwork: ”We work together to make Jamii Bora better”
  • Innovation: “We are driven by creativity,innovation and continuous improvement”
  • Professionalism: “We are qualified, skilled and committed to serve our customers”
  • Integrity: “How we do business is as important as the business we do so we do the right thing always”
Job Purpose: The Head of Digital Bank will be the main link between business outcomes and technological input and therefore enables a seamless connected experience where the enterprise customer interacts with the bank through multi channels, generating revenue through better retention, cross-selling and upselling and accomplishing the bank strategy to “grow market share by building our reputation as an efficient, innovative and customer centric enterprise bank”

Key Responsibilities

  • Shaping and executing Jamii Bora digital strategy and business plan in collaboration with EXCO
  • Lead an internal research and innovation unit that will look far beyond banking and time to anticipate customer needs and develop new ways of engaging and solving customer challenges
  • Business growth & development – creating a new digital bank to serve the existing and build a new customer base, with a new balance sheet and revenue streams from both Banking and non-banking value added services
  • Transforming internal business processes to align to the digital strategy
  • Develop a commercial strategy and tactical plan to fully commercialize all our alternative banking channels and position them to generate new customer numbers, deposits, transactions and loans
  • Develop a bold and differentiated agency model and create true partnership and value for agents
  • Drive performance across all alternative channels
  • Enhancing the customer experience through quality and seamless applications
Main Activities
  • Full responsibility for the digital transformation of the bank through a cutting-edge digital strategy, which will be drawn from the overall bank strategy and mapping the digital strategy to bank strategic priorities
  • Keeps the strategy alive by staying up to date with the latest innovations, changes in competition, and shifts in the industry, and adapting to the ever-changing digital space
  • Oversee the overall digital customer experience across touch points, lifecycle functions and application platforms
  • Use knowledge, insights, and analytics to craft end to end user and supporter experiences that are contemporary, exciting, and efficient by virtue of being digitally enabled
  • Expands JBB visibility and audience through key channels and platforms
  • Define, market and monitor revenue streams for the multichannels
  • Implementing significant business and cultural changes across the bank and introduce new processes and procedures, to ensure agile, iterative development and operation of digital services is successful
  • Significantly increase usage of Key Bank’s digital self-service capabilities and drive sales capabilities from the digital channel
  • Deliver capabilities around distinctive customer experience, revenue growth, acquisition, retention and cross-sell opportunity, and cost savings through Web and Mobile Channels technology
  • Act as a link between business units and EXCO to create an environment of ideation to nurture digital innovation and increased operational efficiency as well as identifying key areas for technology investment
  • Work with bank partners, agencies, fintech startups and strategic partners to integrate new technologies and ideas into Jamii Bora
  • Assist business units in the launch of Fintech products and services to ensure a maximization of cross-selling opportunities and synergies for Jamii Bora
  • Work with marketing to develop and implement marketing programs /activities to drive usage
  • Underpinning the delivery and iteration of digital services with effective analysis, ensuring that performance data drives the delivery and improvement of individual services, and increases the quality of management information throughout the organisation
  • Support HR in digital training and skills transfer by developing new digital training concepts for staff to fasten their familiarization process with the new implemented technology
Qualification and Experience Requirements
  • University degree in i.e. Computer Science and Business Administration
  • Post graduate degree in business, computer science, marketing etc.
  • At least 5 years’ experience in the leadership of development and implementation of digitization strategies
  • Have previous experience in the business-driven and strategic use of social media, e-business / e-commerce, marketing, mobile applications, Big Data and digital technologies
  • Strong business sense with a proven track record of developing, implementing and marketing business system
  • Experience in the financial services sector preferred
How to Apply
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