Mercy Corps Request for Consultancy Services to Support Crescent Takaful Sacco (CTS) MF in Wajir

Mercy Corps
Services: Support Crescent Takaful Sacco (CTS) MF in Wajir
Primary Location: Nairobi and Wajir, Kenya
Responsible To: Country Director
Length of Consultancy: 90 days
Broad Deliverables: Contained Herein
Program / Department Summary: Mercy Corps ( contract a Consultant under the programme Building Resilience in Climate Extremes and Disasters (BRACED) a flagship programme of the United Kingdom (UK) Department for International Development (DFID).

The consultant will work closely with CST CEO or possibly the BRACED Director with close collaboration with Programme coordinator and learning Manager, field-based Programme Manager and Markets Team Leader accountability and adherence to Mercy Corps policies and donor rules and regulations, and programme milestones and deliverables.

Essential Consultancy Areas:

The consultant will be able to provide;
A. Desk Review

This will involve identification of relevant documents for review and desk-based research. This will enable

The consultant to identify, collect and review varied documents relevant to the project before setting on the assignment and feasibility study. 
This activity will be carried out in Nairobi. It will also involve reviewing relevant documents including best practice in microfinance models, organization and management.

B. Basic Market Survey

This will help the consultant get the real scenario under which business is transacted in the targeted areas. 
S/he shall conduct basic individual members’ survey together with Competition matrix to understand the market dynamics. 
We shall be able to look at the key actors:
  • Who are they?
  • Where are they located?
  • What are their functions in the market chain?
  • How do they relate to one another? Are relations good, average, or poor? Why?
  • What are their characteristics (gender, class, age, education, abilities, know-how, etc.)?
From insights gained in the Basic Survey stage, s/he shall be able to offer certain Skills, Trainings and Exposure to CTS board, Staff/Management and officers. 
These are briefly stated below:

C. Trainings

S/he will undertake various trainings using Adult Learning Principals which we combine with Simulation Training to make and instill quick and in-depth learnings. 
The simulation training is based on optimizing mind power using radiant thinking through fun filled indoor and outdoor activities.  
Individual team members will learn to work together as a team, utilizing available resources and focusing on achieving their shared goals.

MC believes that individuals learn best and their own potential through direct experience and participation. 

Participants must become familiar not only with each of the body strength but also with strengths and weaknesses of each other and how they affect the functioning of the others.

Key Broad Deliverables:

  1. Review of CTS MF Strategy and Products to Individuals and Group Lending.
  2. Microfinancing (MF) documentation including Forms and Training Manuals 
  3. Microfinance Delivery/Operations Set up and Support
  4. Training of Trainers to equip the staff
  5. Area mapping and group assessment
  6. Micro finance systems review and set up
  7. Policies, procedures and operational framework
  8. Monthly performance Review
  9. Setting up daily, weekly, and Quarterly reports template
  10. Capacity Building for Staff to train Members in Entrepreneurship & BDS
  11. Digital MF Strategy development including Agency Models, Community Champions & Self-Managed Group models
  12. Sustainability Reviews including inheritance of various development actor programmes in need of Sustainability outlook.
The Consultant is expected to have:
  • Good understanding of the Somali business context and cultural influence.
  • Familiar with various climate/weather changes in Northern Kenyan and how it affects small traders and businesses.
  • Familiarity with VSLAs, systems and cultural and religious influence around northern Kenya
  • Experience engaging with Northern Kenya VSLAs and SACCOs
  • Somali/Arabic language fluency and deep understanding is in an added advantage.
Submission:  Offer(s) should be submitted in a sealed envelope, addressed to 
“Procurement Department, Mercy Corps Kenya, Nairobi Office”,

Sealed Offer from “Name of Offering Contractor.” and delivered to

ABC Place, Waiyaki Way, 

3rd Building, 1st Floor, 
Nairobi, Kenya. 
Tel: No. 020.444.1126/43./0733808106

On or before 4th October, 2016, between the hours of 09:00 am to 04:00 pm. Offer(s) received after this time will not be considered.

For any further clarification you can contact us through our email

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