East Africa Trade and Investment Hub Mapping Expert (Produce or Commodity Aggregation Centers) Consultancy in Kenya

The East Africa Trade and Investment Hub (the Hub)
Call for Applications for Individual Consultants (IC)
The East Africa Trade and Investment Hub (the Hub) invites qualified consultants (individuals) a proven record in the implementation of a regional agricultural development programmes, buyer profiling, market linkages and export / buyer mission in East Africa region and beyond) to provide 50 days level of effort . 
The consultant is to assess and map produce or commodity aggregation centers and quantifying the volumes and quality of the selected commodities (rice, dry

beans, green grams, chick peas and pigeon peas) in order to use this information to facilitate regional and international buyer missions that will help local producer’s access sustainable regional and export markets.

The role of the Mapping expert will be to:
  1. Carry out an in depth secondary data analysis of production and trade statistics of selected commodities in the EAC region to locate major production regions
  2. Collect and document information relating to each warehouse, geo reference, type of warehouse (isolation from pests, protected from vagaries of weather), type and variety of commodity, stocks available, quantity, packaging, storage system etc.
  3. Using a well-developed criterion, identify and select warehouses and stores that have adequate volumes and the right quality to participate in buyer missions.
  4. Develop a production and harvesting seasonality calendar for each warehouse, showing peak and low seasons, with attendant volumes
  5. Identify and map key buyers/traders/exporters in EAC and internationally who will participate in the buyer mission
  6. Prepare a detailed inception report which will include work plan/schedule of activities and explicit methodology for carrying out the assignment within one week after commencement of the assignment.
  7. Data collection, stakeholder consultations and report writing
  8. Submission of interim report for review and feedback
  9. Presentation of the 1st Draft in a validation meeting with selected partners
  10. Presentation and submission of the final report incorporating comments and feedback
  1. Track record of experience in conducting agricultural marketing and buyer linkages through supporting smallholder farmer aggregation mechanism, market and business linkages for a period of not less than 10 years
  2. Developing and or executing agricultural marketing projects including strategies for smallholder farmer’s inclusion in staples food commodities trade in East Africa for a period not less than 10 years;
  3. Demonstrate evidence of undertaking similar projects successfully and provide references for each project
  4. Excellent stakeholder mapping, analytical, reporting and presentation skills
  5. Familiarity with the Agriculture Sector developmental issues, policy, planning, institutional and socio-political context in the region and especially in EAC.
  6. Demonstrated experience having worked closely with regional organizations/associations in areas such as staple foods value chain development, market analysis and linkages with buyers/private sector and a deep understanding of staple foods market systems
How to Apply
CLICK HERE to download the detailed Scope of Work (SoW) and guidelines for applying

Interested candidates should send their applications to procurementTIH@eatradehub.org by Wednesday, 2 November 2016, 11.59AM East African Time.
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