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Msingi – Building East Africa’s Industries of the Future
Head of Strategy, Planning & Funding
Seeking an ambitious senior professional to play a central role in the development of strategy, corporate plans and fundraising for Msingi, an innovative new industry development organisation pushing the boundaries of economic development in East Africa

Msingi: Msingi is an ambitious and innovative young industry development organisation aimed at supporting the growth of competitive industries in East Africa. 

Msingi works to identify high potential industries around the region. 
It then aims to foster innovation, growth and increased competitiveness in these industries by supporting pioneering firms through technology transfer (for example, facilitating joint ventures between local and international firms), capability building and access to finance. 
Msingi will also help foster an enabling environment for the industry – e.g. supporting technology research and development, training, policy or key industry institutions. 
Ultimately, Msingi’s goal is to contribute to the structural transformation of East Africa’s economies, driving long term prosperity.

Msingi will operate over the long term (20+ years), building world-class knowledge and expertise. A key differentiator will be Msingi’s strong private sector skills and capabilities.

The Gatsby Charitable Foundation and the UK Department for International Development (DFID) have committed £30 million in seed funding for Msingi’s first 5 years.

Gatsby is an independent foundation set up in 1967 by Lord David Sainsbury, and has worked in East Africa since 1985. 
Its programmes aim to catalyse the growth and competitiveness of key industries. Gatsby has a strongly private sector-orientated skillset, experience and approach. Gatsby initially developed the concept of Msingi and is playing a hands-on role in its development.

DFID, the UK government department responsible for overseas aid, aims to promote sustainable development and alleviate poverty. It has significant experience in economic development and in East Africa.

Job purpose: This is a senior role for an ambitious professional to play a central role in the growth and progress of Msingi. 

You will drive the on-going development of Msingi’s strategy, work on its corporate plans, and advance its engagement with new potential funders.
Roles and responsibilities
Reporting directly to the CEO, your role will include:
1) Strategy and planning
  • Working with the Board and senior management team to further develop and update periodically Msingi’s overall strategy and long range implementation plans, as well as supporting the development of its Annual Operating Plans (AOPs).
  • Supporting key corporate communications on Msingi’s strategy – such as strategy summaries, introduction documents and related content for Msingi’s website, etc.
  • Developing partnerships as needed with external entities to support strategy development. This may include partnerships with key international comparator initiatives, or with independent senior advisers.
2) New funder engagement
  • Inputting to Msingi’s funding strategy and supporting the engagement of the Board and senior management team on this. This will involve clarifying Msingi’s long term funding requirements and identifying the type of funders to be targeted. You will work closely with Gatsby, which is responsible for initiating Msingi’s funding strategy in collaboration with the Board and senior management in the organisation’s early years.
  • Leading on the development of more detailed funding proposals and supporting the negotiation of final agreements and terms with new funders.
Given Msingi is a rapidly growing organisation, the scope of this role is likely to evolve, with the areas of responsibility above being updated in line with operational requirements.

The role will be based in Nairobi, Kenya, but is likely to require occasional travel across East Africa and internationally.
Required experience and personal qualities
  •  You will be a senior individual with a good understanding of flexible markets development initiatives, and experience working both in the private sector and with donors.
  • The following experience is preferred:
  1. A minimum of 10 years’ relevant experience, with a focus on strategy, corporate planning and fundraising roles.
  • A university degree (ideally a Masters) from a recognised institution. Working within high quality market systems or M4P programmes.
  • Working in or with the private sector, and understanding business fundamentals and commercial analysis.
  • Working directly with large donors within international development.
  • Fundraising, partnership building or business development – including presenting and selling a vision, developing proposals, supporting negotiations, identifying and mitigating relationship risks, and finalising agreements.
  • Working with or in East African markets.
  • Engaging and managing a complex range of senior stakeholders across different cultures and geographies.
  • Working in a highly dynamic organisational environment.
The following personal qualities are preferred:
  • An ability to think strategically and critically – bringing strong analytical skills and imagination to solving problems with substantial complexity and ambiguity.
  • Exemplary written and verbal communication skills, able to communicate complex issues with clarity and structure, and to deliver documents to the highest levels of professionalism.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence: a genuine team-player with strong listening, negotiating and persuasive skills, and the ability to gain the trust and confidence of external and internal stakeholders at all levels.
  • Strong commitment to quality and attention to detail.
  • The ability to work independently, prioritising effectively across a portfolio of activities.
  • A keenness and ability to be flexible, versatile and learn quickly in new or changing environments.
  • Values driven, demonstrating integrity and firm ethical standards.
  • A strong understanding and passion for issues and dynamics affecting East African economic development.
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