PeaceNet Kenya Team Building Exercise Facilitation Consultant Opportunity

PeaceNet Kenya
Terms of Reference for Team Building
Consultant: Facilitation of team building exercise for PeaceNet secretariat staff
Programme: Staff Capacity Building
1) General Background


PeaceNet Kenya is a national networking and partnership building organization committed to sustaining a broad based coalition of peace workers in Kenya. 
We seek to support and consolidate inclusive peace building initiatives across the country and therefore provide leadership in the development of peace-building structures by offering linkages between peace building organizations and communities.
All programmes and PeaceNet Kenya’s project activities are ideally networking activities meaning that they create opportunity to involve partners to reflect on how to build peace on the ground and at the same time build their capacity to address conflict more constructively within their local contexts.
2) Aim and Objectives of the Assignment
The aim: To facilitate team building process that improves staff motivation and communication
The objectives of the assignment are
  • To facilitate and moderate a team building retreat,
  • To enhance knowledge sharing and
  • To develop brainstorming strategy by PeaceNet staff.
3) Scope of Work
The consultant will be required to work with the CEO to successfully deliver on these activities.
The scope of the work will be to facilitate a two day team building exercise and to compile a report outlining the workshop’s proceedings, including practical recommendations and operational tools which can be used by the team in the future.
4) Duration and Location of Assignment
Duration: The assignment will be undertaken on 22nd , 23rd and 24th November, 2016
Duty station: The workshop itself will be held in Nairobi. The consultant will be expected to make travel arrangements to the venue.
5) Final Products
Expected outputs:
1. Preparation/planning of the team building retreat workshop (2 days):
  • Brainstorming session…..
  • A customized training and team building plan clearly articulating the objectives of the team building exercise;
  • Interactive and flexible facilitation tools and material aids for brainstorming prepared prior to the workshop.
2. Facilitation of the team building retreat workshop (2 days of workshop):
  • Interdepartmental interactions – A knowledge sharing session between the programmes activities underway within the different projects and the support functions like finance and procurement units;
  • A brain storming session aimed at identifying the mandates and harmonization of the project activities;
  • A brain storming session resulting in a suggested institutional design, operational structure and communication skills/strategy within/by the organization;
  • A team building component to enhance team work;
3. The output of the retreat workshop should be a brief report outlining (3 days):
  • The retreat workshop proceedings and key outcomes;
  • Strategic recommendations on corporate deliveries for the programme;
  • Strategic recommendations on the institutional design/operational design.
The team building exercise should be creatively organized to include strategic brainstorming sessions aimed at helping the staff to develop and articulate corporate and individual work plans to ensure optimal delivery of the programme outputs. 
It should also include individual coaching sessions where necessary. 
More time shall be given to outdoor/interactive/participatory activities

The consultant is expected to design this process and to assign time frames to it. 
He/she will get the assistance of the Administration and Finance Manager with regards to logistical
arrangements towards the holding of this retreat.

Expected outcomes:
  • Ensuring that the personnel develop clear working arrangements for the effective delivery of the work plans and or duties and responsibilities outlined in their job descriptions/terms of references;
  • Initiating the discussion on the most suitable institutional design and operational structure and sharing the best communication practices;
  • Supporting the team in clarifying their respective goals and objectives with respect to the ideology of the organization;
  • Facilitating sessions that would help identify those issues which have the potential to inhibit the team from reaching its goals;
  • Addressing those issues, removing the inhibitors and enabling the goals of peace building and conflict transformation interventions to be achieved;
  • Improving the communication between managers and personnel;
  • Improving processes, procedures and supporting the humanizing of control systems.
  • Identifying strengths and capacity needs of members and providing appropriate recommendations;
  • Satisfying the expectations of all staff for the team building exercise.
6) Provision of Monitoring and Progress Controls
Monitoring and progress tools will consist of the report to be delivered following the retreat.
The consultant will report directly to the CEO on this assignment.
7) Qualifications
The consultant should possess the following knowledge and skills:
  • Masters in Social Sciences, Human Resources Management, Programmes Management, Fundraising / Grants Management or a closely related field. A PhD will be an added advantage.
  • 10-15 years of relevant professional experience;
  • Proven track record of facilitating team building and knowledge sharing workshops and consultancy experience.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of NGO programmes Management;
  • Excellent analytical writing and communication skills;
  • Full computer literacy and fluency in English – both written and spoken – are essential.
  • Prior experience with donor supported agencies is an advantage, as is knowledge of donor policies and procedures
Applications, including a covering letter and Curriculum Vitae, should be emailed to:; cc. . 
This should include:
1. Technical proposal
  • Specific experience of the Lead Consultant and Associate(s) relevant to the assignment. Please provide details of similar assignment undertaken
  • Technical capacity of consultants in terms of their qualifications and competencies for the assignment. Please attach detailed CVs.
  • Clear understanding of the assignment/interpretation of TORs
  • Methodology to be used during the assignment
  • Work plan clearly indicating the maximum time/duration required for the assignment.
2. Financial proposal
  • Clear breakdown of the financial proposal including all the chargeable taxes.
  • Terms of payment
  • Total quote for the assignment ( please quote in Kenya shillings)
The successful candidate will be informed shortly thereafter his/her application was submitted and will be expected to commence work immediately.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday November 9th 2016

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