TechnoServe Crop & Soil Science and Agribusiness ICT Services Consultancy Opportunity in Kenya

Expression of Interest (EOI) for Consultancy Services
TechnoServe invites suitably qualified consultants to submit capability statements for provision
of services to its Innovations in Outcome Measurement (IOM) project in
the areas of 1) Crop and Soil Science, and 2) Agribusiness ICT Services

General Information: TechnoServe works with enterprising people in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses and industries. 
are a nonprofit organization that develops business solutions to
poverty by linking people to information, capital and markets. 


work is rooted in the idea that given the opportunity, hardworking men
and women in even the poorest places can generate income, jobs and
wealth for their families and communities. 
With more than four decades of proven results, we believe in the power of private enterprise to transform lives.
Project Overview: TechnoServe’s
Innovations in Outcome Measurement (IOM) project is a 2-year program
aimed at bridging the information gap between researchers and others
involved in the development of innovations in agricultural measurement
and transformation and impact donors, implementing agencies and the
smallholder farmer beneficiaries. 
project seeks to improve the effectiveness of measurement methods
available to the range of international development stakeholders by
evaluating a discrete set of high potential, new, innovative approaches
for measuring agricultural outcomes.
also aims to promote the rapid scale-up of breakthrough innovations
capable or transforming smallholder agriculture by testing and
evaluating a discrete set of high potential, innovative technologies for
increasing agricultural productivity, identifying barriers for their
adoption, and developing business cases for their replication and
adoption at scale via private and public sector mechanisms.
Purpose: The
IOM project seeks recruit consultants specializing in the areas of Crop
and Soil, as well as ICT for Agribusinesses, to be engaged in various
activities aimed at surfacing and integrating market analysis and
research information, giving technical input into research as well as
development of business cases for innovations in these areas.
The objectives of the consultancy
  1. Conduct a market scan for innovations, technologies and products in the specific sector
  2. Create a database of players with information on their market potential
  3. Contribute
    technical knowhow in the development of an in depth scientific research
    to surface the business models that can help scaling up innovations in
    the that sector
Consultant Qualifications
The consultant shall have
  • Minimum Masters level education in relevant field
  • 10 years relevant work experience
  • Experience in research
Specific competencies:
1. Crop and Soils Specialist:
The Consultant should have extensive knowledge of and experience in:
  • Factors influencing plant pathology and health
  • Identification of visual, spectral or chemical cues of plant health and/or disease
  • Factors influencing soil fertility
  • Methods of measurement of key soil characteristics including moisture, temperature, texture, mineral content
  • Methods of visual identification of minerals, elements and compounds in soil i.e. via spectroscopy
  • Soil fertility and plant protection recommendations related to particular soil and plant conditions
  • Particular crops of interest include: fruits, legumes, dairy, cereals
  • Particular Regions of interest include: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania
2. Agribusiness ICT
The Consultant should have extensive knowledge of and experience in:
  • Digital/Mobile Data exchange platforms including SMS, USSD etc.
  • Client Management platforms in the Agricultural space
  • Data analysis and visualization platforms
  • GIS mapping and visualization
  • Satellite image analysis and mapping
  • UAV-based image analysis and mapping
  • Particular Regions of interest include: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania
The Procedure:
consultants must provide information indicating their qualification;
capabilities and details of recent similar/related assignments and names
and contacts of clients.
final selection, shortlisted consultants will be invited to make brief
presentation on their area showcasing their expertise and knowledge in
that sector.
Selected consultants will be contracted from time to time during the life of the project to deliver on discreet scopes of work. 
at this first stage, there is no requirement for any technical or
financial proposals as that will follow the evaluation of capabilities
and development of aligned scopes of work.
Statements in PDF documents should be sent via email to clearly stating either “EOI for TechnoServe IOM
Crop and Soils Specialist” or “EOI for TechnoServe IOM Agribusiness ICT
Specialist, in the email subject line.

The EOI should be received on or before 8th November 2016 at 5.00 PM.
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