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Request for Proposals

Consultancy for Writing and Editing Innovation Reports

1.0 Background: TechnoServe is an international, non-profit economic development organization founded in 1968 out of a conviction that a vibrant private sector is an essential foundation for economic growth and poverty reduction.

TechnoServe undertakes targeted, catalytic technical assistance and other programming to increase the competitiveness of entrepreneurs, businesses and industries that in turn provide sustainable employment, inclusion of the poor and increased incomes.

TechnoServe is currently implementing the Bill and Melinda Gates funded Innovations for Outcome Measurement project whose objective is to promote the scale-up of breakthrough innovations by testing and evaluating a discrete set of high potential, innovative technologies for increasing agricultural productivity, identifying barriers for their adoption, and developing business cases for their replication and adoption at scale through private and public sector mechanisms.

TechnoServe seeks to engage a consultant/consulting firm to provide support in documenting project reports and leanings, together with proposal writing to attract donor and stakeholders’ attention.

The documentation is to showcase key innovations from IOM’s work with potential for scale as well as to increase agricultural productivity and measurement.

Technoserve will use the documents for interaction with public and private sector partners.

2.0 General Objective:

The main objective of the consultancy is to demonstrate in a reader-friendly format the work of IOM to external audiences about who we are, what we do and how we do it.

The consultant is expected to identify information from project documents and interview beneficiaries (if relevant) as well as identify appropriate photos from the project to illustrate the stories.

The consultant will be supervised by the Regional Project Manager.

3.0 Tasks of the Consultant

  • Collect information from the various project documents with the support of project staff
  • Record human interest stories in appropriate medium such as articles, photos, videos, for publication in the Technoserve website, brochures and other marketing materials.
  • Collate content and appropriate images/photography from the IOM Team
  • Produce the text and infographics as well as photographs in appropriate layout to highlight success stories, including voices of beneficiaries and other stakeholders
  • Write and edit the agreed content with a professional writing style
  • Revise and finalize the documentation following feedback from the IOM Team
  • Support selected IOM innovator partner(s) to develop proposal(s) drawn upon innovations and/or lessons learnt from ongoing work for funding as will be advised by the project Team, December 6th 2016 through March 31st 2017

4.0 Expected Results

  • 2016 IOM Annual Report, draft due January 16th 2017
  • One to two- page brochure on each IOM innovation and their status, due January 31st 2017
  • At least four (4) human interest stories from IOM innovations, drafts due March 15th 2017

An innovator supported to develop a high quality, timely and credible final proposals and budgets that meet funding quality and cost recovery requirements.

5.0 Time Frame

December 6th 2016 through March 31st 2017.

6.0 Qualifications and Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in communications and/or journalism or English
  • At least ten years of professional experience in journalism, or related communication field
  • Demonstrated experience writing successful proposals
  • Demonstrable experience of publishing technical, policy, or programmatic outputs
  • Excellent English language writing and editing
  • Knowledge of photography, graphics and video is considered as an added advantage
  • Proven experience working with regional/international organizations
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize relevant information to the benefit of Technoserve
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Initiative, resourcefulness, timeliness

7.0 Submission of Proposals

Submitted Proposals should include:

7.1 Statement of Competence

a. Profile of the lead consultant and/or the organization.

b. CVs of all relevant resource persons

c. Table of information on relevant work done and clients served over the past four years

d. Two (2) samples of documents/reports/proposals produced over the past 2 years

7.2 Financial Proposal

a. Number of days and costs for the entire work

b. A lump sum quotation, including fees and other relevant expenses

c. Proposed payment terms and conditions.

8.0 Terms and Conditions

a. The Request for Proposal (RFP) is not and shall not be considered an offer by TechnoServe.

b. All responses must be received on or before the date and time indicated in the RFP. All late responses will be rejected.

c. All unresponsive responses will be rejected.

d. All proposals will be considered binding offers. Prices proposed must be valid for entire period provided by respondent.

e. All awards will be subject to TECHNOSERVE contractual terms and conditions and contingent on the availability of donor funding.

f. TECHNOSERVE reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal or cancel the solicitation process at any time, and shall have no liability to the proposing organizations submitting proposals for such rejection or cancellation of the RFPs.

g. TECHNOSERVE reserves the right to accept all or part of the proposal when award is provided.

h. All information provided by TECHNOSERVE in this RFP is offered in good faith. Individual items are subject to change at any time, and all bidders will be provided with notification of any changes. TECHNOSERVE is not responsible or liable for any use of the information submitted by bidders or for any claims asserted therefrom.

i. TECHNOSERVE reserves the right to require any bidder to enter into a non-disclosure agreement.

j. The bidders are solely obligated to pay for any costs, of any kind whatsoever, which may be incurred by bidder or any third parties, in connection with the Response.

All responses and supporting documentation shall become the property of TECHNOSERVE, subject to claims of confidentiality in respect of the response and supporting documentation, which have been clearly marked confidential by the bidder.

9.0 Criteria for Selection

The evaluation of each response to this RFP will be based on the requirements set out in the solicitation and any addenda thereto.

At the sole discretion of TECHNOSERVE, the top proposals may be selected for follow-up questions or to provide an oral presentation.

The following weighting and points will be assigned to the proposal for evaluation purposes:

(i) Experience and competence for engagement to the assignment as per the RFP (20 marks)

  • Please fill in the table below with information on relevant work done and clients served over the past four years

(ii) Quality of previous work (20 marks)

  • This is an evaluation of the quality of the two sample documents submitted

(iii) Proposed team composition (20 marks)

  • This section should provide details of the CV of each proposed team member, clearly demonstrating their experience to match the assignment.

(iv) Proposed Methodology, Approach and Implementation Plan (20 marks)

  • This section should demonstrate the proposers response to the RFP by identifying the specific components proposed, how the requirement shall be addressed, as specified, point by point; providing a detailed description of the essential performance characteristics proposed; demonstrating how the proposed methodology meets the specifications.

(v) Financial Proposal reflecting with explanation of line Items of efforts with clear terms of Payments (20 marks)

  • The financial proposal must include all the costs that will be charged in carrying out this assignment. All the sums need to be stated in gross amount with all taxes included.

Total: 100 marks

10.0 Clients Details (Table referred to in 9 (i) above)

  • No:
  • Client Name of project:
  • Contract Value:
  • Period of activity (Year and Month):
  • Types of activities undertaken:
  • Status or Date Completed:
  • References Contact Details (Name, Phone, Email):

11.0 Financial Evaluation (20 Marks)

The lowest price costs submitted will be allocated 20 marks.

All other bids will be awarded marks to the following formula: 20 x (Pm/P)


  • Pm = the lowest tendered offer
  • P =the specific supplier offer under consideration

Technoserve reserves the right to award the contract to the individual or organization whose proposal is deemed to be in the best interest of TECHNOSERVE and the Donor.

The Organization/individual with the winning proposal will be notified in writing.

Those who were not selected may or may not be notified, at the sole discretion of TECHNOSERVE.

Please note TECHNOSERVE will only consider financial proposals from firms/individuals who have technical capacity

12.0 Schedule of Events

a. Questions regarding this RFP may be addressed to and must be received no later than 25th November 2016.

Responses to questions will be distributed to all interested parties no later than 28th November 2016.

b. Completed responses to the RFP with title clearly marked as “WRITING AND EDITING INNOVATION REPORTS ‘should be addressed to the email address below:

So as to be received on or before 2nd December 2016 at 00.00 mid night East Africa Time.

Late submission will not be accepted.

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