Business Development Manager Vacancy in Rarieda, Siaya County

Our Client is an organization operating in rural Rarieda District. The organization began as a grass-root CBO in 2003 to assist orphaned children and youth through community empowerment.

Our Client has since developed into a dynamic organization, focused on empowerment and development, both within the community and the organization.

We are currently seeking to recruit talented, progressive and team-oriented individual to fill the position of Business Development Manager to be based in Rarieda Sub-county, in Siaya County, Kenya.

Due to the rural set-up and challenges associated therewith, all applicants should have a personal commitment to working with the vulnerable community.

Applicants should take time to reflect and make sure they resonate strongly with Our Client’s vision and mission before considering to apply.

Vision: People believe in themselves and work together to build a vibrant and progressive community.

Mission: Empower people and build their capacities to create positive change for children and youth within their community.

1. Purpose of the Position: Reporting to the Executive Director and serving as a member of the Management Team, the Business Development Manager will improve the organization’s capacity to grow its income stream through improved marketing and improved quality and efficiency of goods and services.

The Business Development Manager will develop business solutions for the organization and create functional business plans to generate more revenue, increase production and improve customer satisfaction.

2. Major Duties and Responsibilities

R1. Business Development and Project Implementation

T.1  rovide overall guidance, mentoring, monitoring and supervision to Business Development and Production staff, to ensure successful implementation of Business Development activities, targets and revenue goals.

T.2 Mentor Business Development staff to help them achieve timely implementation of work plans according to their quarterly and annual targets, activities and goals.

T.3 Put forward new business ideas and/or recommendations for improvement of existing business programs to the management team.

T.4 Ensure all business staff keep and maintain up-to-date and accurate records of activities, materials, sales, inventory and final products.

T.5 Provide quality and timely delivery of all production reports, in their agreed format, as required by the customers, the finance department, the Executive Director and the Board.

T.6 Advise the Management of any key forums and other networks that might serve the organization and its ability to achieve its overall business objectives.

T.7 Interpret and implement government policies that affect the business activities in the organization.

R2. Product Development

T.1 Ensure that needs assessments and cost benefits analysis are conducted in the target areas for Business Development initiatives.

T.2 In conjunction with the business staff, decide on income generating initiatives to be undertaken and secure qualified staff for the initiatives.

T.3 Oversee all production activities in the organization such as carpentry, tailoring, silk-screening, honey, etc, as well as all hire activities, such as tractor hire, bus hire, etc. Develop service charters for all business units to assure customer satisfaction

T.4 Ensure that all production in the organization is cost effective and of the best quality.

T.5 Oversee, review and monitor all production financials, such as P&Ls, with the Finance Manager, on a monthly basis, ensuring cost savings and profitability for the organization.

T.6 Conduct regular Cost/Benefit analysis for all potential production and business growth initiatives, taking into account tangible and intangible costs and benefits.

T.7 Support initiatives of other project units in business development activities, including community business initiatives.

R3. Sales and Marketing

T.1 Ensure enhanced access to markets both locally and beyond for products made by individuals, groups and project production units.

T.2 Coordinate the assessment of client satisfaction in a bid to ensure constant improvement of Business Development initiatives.

T.3 Put forth a customer service initiative and training for all the organization staff, to ensure continual and end-to-end customer satisfaction for all business activities.

T.4 Identify and develop new and existing referral sources to develop successful referring relationships.

T.5 Maintain good working relationships with existing clients previously to enhance client retention and new sales through referrals and references.

T.6 Provide content updates and support for the website and Facebook, leveraging it as a sales tool.

T.7 Develop a diverse marketing campaign and tools to increase sales and awareness of  products and services.

T.8 Participate in Business Development program concept paper and proposal development for donor funding if applicable.

R4. Skills Development

T.1 Provide overall guidance to the skills development units of the project.

T.2 Provide support supervision to the Business Development staff to ensure staff activities are planned efficiently, and are carried out effectively.

T.3 Undertake periodic training needs assessment and develop appropriate training programs designed to address the identified gaps.

T.4 Conduct regular business staff performance reviews, focusing on production quality, quantity, P&Ls, and business development skills for all business staff.

T.5 The incumbent may be called upon to support and provide trainings to the organizations beneficiaries who are involved in the entrepreneurship and work readiness classes and/or  community IGA related projects.

R5. Partnership, Networking and Collaboration

T.1  Ensure strong partnership between the organization with the government and other partners.

T.2 Build trusting business relationships with local SMEs and other Kenyan non-profit organizations to market the organization business ventures and encourage internship opportunities for students.

T.3 Represent the organization in any relevant stakeholders meetings whenever called to.

T.4 Ensure that the organization upholds the governments’ policies and procedures of providing quality Business Development services.

R6. Organization’s Values and Ethics

T.1 Share and instill the values of the organization to the Business Development staff and the project beneficiaries.

T.2 Keep and maintain the name of the organization in high esteem and respect to the community.

R7. Internal Administration

T.1 Ensure the integrity of information collected and presented is not compromised in any way whatsoever.

T.2 Maintain and keep up-to-date and accurate records and reports of activities and customers according to the organization’s requirements.

T.3 Ensure that casual staff working under the Business Development are rotated and substituted appropriately using fair practices.

T.4 Take part in the process of wage preparation for the casuals working with Business Development.

T.5 Review the projects operational budgets in conjunction with the projects team and the Training Manager.

T.6 Provide timely advice to the Manager as well as the Management Team on issues likely to affect/impact business implementation and revenues.

T.7 The incumbent is part of the management and leadership teams and hence will be required to attend all the management and leadership meetings.

T.8 Follow all the organization inventory practices and procedures, and ensure all inventory items issued to the department are maintained in good condition and are stored neatly and in a secured room.

R8. Other Duties and Responsibilities

T.1    Actively participate in the Saturday Psycho-Social Support Program for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children and build the community’s capacity to eventually run the Saturday PSS on their own.

T.2    Perform any other duties and responsibilities which may be assigned by the management from time to time and which are related to the achievement of the organization’s mission and vision.

3. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: (The knowledge, skills and abilities may be required through a combination of formal schooling, self-education and prior experience or on-the-job-training).

a) Level of education:

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Economics or any other business related field with emphasis on entrepreneurship development.

b) Specialised Training / Professional Qualifications

  • Financial, Entrepreneurship, Sales, Marketing or Quality management recommended.

c) Other competencies:

  • Requires good interpersonal skills with ability to build personal relationships with business  community,  customers,  Local Community Members,  senior  government officials, and staff.
  • Must have strong sales and marketing skills.
  • Must have developed good intercultural orientation and strong public relations skills.
  • Should    possess    strong    communication,    negotiation,    marketing,    sales,    and administration skills.
  • Possession of a valid Motorbike license and ability to ride motorbike is desired.

d) Job experience:

  • At least five (5) years’ experience in a business leadership position that involves direct sales.

How to Apply

Interested candidates are requested to email the following to, by 20th January, 2017.

1. Cover Letter, stating the position for which you are applying, along with current remuneration or last remuneration, if currently unemployed,

2. Three paragraph motivation statement and why you feel you meet the requirements,

3. Three references and

4. An updated C.V.


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