Cellulant Marketing Manager Vacancy in Nairobi

Vacancy: Marketing Manager

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Job posting: 19.01.17- 6.02.17

Who are we?

Cellulant is a digital payments business. We run an ecosystem of consumers, merchants and banks in which we facilitate payments and build value through the value-added services we layer on top.

In building this ecosystem we serve different types of customers with different products, in a range that includes mobile banking products, mobile credit products, USSD, SMS, and digital content. We are currently serving merchants and banks across 10 countries, and a wide set of industries

Our true competitive advantage lies in the ecosystem we are building – if we do a good job over the next few years, it will be the glue* that will connect everyone to everything – every consumer to every business in Africa.

To be able to meet these aggressive growth expectations we need to grow our dynamic team. We invite you to be part of that growth by submitting your application to the following role.

Marketing Manager

Job Summary: The marketing manager will be responsible for the growth of our consumer facing products in the market and for the growth of the corporate brand in the market

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Create the country’s product marketing strategy in partnership with the country manager, group chief of brand, group marketing growth manager, and the group chief product officer

2. Execute the product marketing strategy to ensure that targets are consistently met and surpassed. This will require:

2.1. Coordinating different parts of the business towards the same goal, including the following practices: service management & operations, business development, and product development
2.2. Personally doing as much of the marketing work, preferably digital marketing but also possibly public relations (PR), field sales, and any other marketing means which we decide to use
2.3. Managing any external partners towards accomplishment of the same goals, including any agencies we decide to hire, and any media partners including for digital media(e.g. Google), and traditional media (e.g. TV)

3. Serve as a brand & marketing liaison for the country, and execute country-specific programs that drive brand relevance including by implementing strong in-country marketing and communications plans, so as to strengthen Cellulant’s product and corporate brand identities in the market.

Personal Profile

  • Highly driven and personally ambitious
  • Takes great pride in her / his work
  • Knows how to get things done through other people, even when those people don’t report to her/ him
  • Knows how to structure a vague problem, elicit support from the right sources
  • Someone with the personal confidence and self belief that (s)he will get things done, no matter what.
  • Able to work consistently towards achievement of a goal. Even where this requires doing the same things everyday.
  • Has a good sense of her / his strengths and weaknesses as they pertain to work, and is eager to learn

Do you have questions about this vacancy?

Visit our website at www.cellulant.com

Please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone: jobs@cellulant.com or  0202606696.

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Updated: January 19, 2017 — 3:20 pm