EAHRN Network Coordinator Vacancy in Arusha Tanzania

The Eastern Africa Harm Reduction Network (EAHRN) was launched in 2016, a collaborative initiative by KANCO.EAHRN is the first regional harm reduction Network in Eastern Africa covering eight countries Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritius, Seychelles, Tanzania- Zanzibar, Uganda.

KANCO is recruiting a Network Coordinator who will be based in Arusha Tanzania.

The job holder will provide leadership in the implementation of the network’s objectives and programs in the context of its vision.

This role will involve oversight of the development and implementation of the plans and program to achieve the networks objectives.

Network coordinator will lead to establishment of the Eastern Africa Harm Reduction Network in Eastern Africa, spearheading high level advocacy for critical issues related to Harm Reduction in Eastern Africa.

The role entails strengthening of capacity of funding opportunities, profiling the image of EAHRN nationally, regionally and internationally and development of strong and sustainable partnership with frequent travelling regionally and internationally.

Specific Task / Responsibilities

A. Strategy / Policy Development and Implementation

  1. The Executive Director shall be the Secretary of the Board of Governance of the network
  2. Makes policy decisions on programs and management of the network
  3. Develops broad strategies for the network
  4. Arranges meeting with the Board to deliberate on the proposed strategies.
  5. Maintains minutes from the meeting of the Board and of the general meetings
  6. Recommends appropriate policies to the Board for adoption.

B. Program Development and Implementation

  1. Executes contracts and memoranda of understanding with the donors/partners
  2. Provides executive support and guidance to program staff in the development and implementation of program
  3. Holds regular briefs with staff to obtain updates on program implementation.
  4. Participates in the planning of key activities.
  5. Coordinates the organization’s responses to emerging issues related to its mission.
  6. Receives feedback on progress made by country networks
  7. Presents reports to the Board and the General Assembly

C. Resource Mobilization

  1. Identifies funding opportunities.
  2. Identifies sources of other strategic resources required by the organization to fulfill its mission
  3. Provides direction to program staff on proposal development.
  4. Provides leadership in the creation of portfolio of multicultural donor
  5. Develops proactive fundraising strategies.

D. Human Resources Management

  1. Provides strategic advice and approvals of restructuring, establishment of new positions, engagement and termination of employees
  2. Creates conducive working environment that supports performance of the secretariat staff.
  3. Recommends appropriate HR policies to the Board for adoption.
  4. Facilitates systematic development of employees by ensuring effective implementation of staff development policy and providing opportunity for coaching and mentoring where necessary.

E. Management of Financial Resources

  1. Present financial budget to the Board for approval.
  2. Approves all expenditures within the budget limit
  3. Ensures the financial records are well kept and maintained.
  4. Ensure financial reports and statements are prepared in compliance with statutory requirements and partnership agreements.
  5. Ensures narrative and financial reports are completed and submitted to the Board, donors and General Assembly.
  6. Disseminates funding information to staff and coordinates development of work plan.

Community Development, Health and Medical, Legal and Corporate Affairs, NGO and UN
Updated: January 11, 2017 — 6:56 pm