KANCO Program Officer (Harm Reduction) Job Re-Advertisement

Job Re-Advertisement: Program Officer – Harm Reduction

KANCO is  regional  national membership network of organizations including: Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs), Community Based Organization (CBOs), Faith Based Organization (FBOs), Private Sector, Research and Learning Institutions responding to HIV & AIDS and TB in Kenya.

It is also accredited as a Linking Organization with the International HIV & AIDS Alliance. Its mission is to provide leadership, promote collaboration and enhance capacity among Civil Society organizations (CSOs) and other stakeholders to respond to HIV & AIDS and TB at the community level.

KANCO is recruiting a Program Officer who will be based in Nairobi. The job holder will be responsible of facilitating the planning and implementation of KANCO’Harm reduction project in 8 countries in designated regions with particular emphasis on program delivery, networking.

Summary of Key Functions

  • Providing technical support and strategic direction for HIV/AIDS programme interventions on Harm reduction.
  • Supporting the grant management, including monitoring to ensure success in the program implementation.
  • Performance management, knowledge sharing and capacity building.

1. Provide technical support and strategic direction for the Community Action on Harm Reduction (CAHR) programme interventions;

  • Providing technical advice on Harm Reduction to the regional counterparts and implementing partners involved in HIV grants implementation, in order to effectively utilize GFATM resources.
  • Advising on policy process management and programme advisory support to stakeholders;
  • Undertaking capacity analysis and capacity development process, and help address development needs of the stakeholders;
  • Providing support to sub recipients in the implementation of activities related to HIV/AIDS grants within the overall framework of GFATM for the harm reduction grants.

2. Grant Management, including monitoring and ensuring achievement;

  • Directly work with the sub recipients and regional counterparts in their effort to improve the overall interventions in the East African region.
  • Developing and submitting of work plans, budgets, performance frameworks, M&E and PSM plans for the relevant grant, in close cooperation with the PSM, Finance and M&E sections and the respective regional programmes.
  • Ensuring the programme components are implemented in accordance with KANCO rules and procedures, and in compliance with Internal Control Framework as well as with KANCO’s general framework agreement with the GFATM;
  • Preparing quarterly programmatic and financial progress reports as well as annual work plans, reports and activity schedules with other sections within the Global Fund Programme Management Unit (PMU)
  • Reviewing program outputs from the sub recipients, beneficiaries and implementing partners to ensure quality timely outputs and high impact activity implementation.
  • Developing of agreements with Sub-Recipients and regional programmes, and ensure effective coordination amongst them; including conducting monthly meetings with respective Sub-Recipients and regional Programme to follow up on programme implementation.
  • Preparing procurement plans and technical specifications in close consultation with the relevant HIV Control in accordance with approved relevant work plans and budgets
  • Ensure, in close collaboration with Finance the financial management of the grant budgets, including budget revisions, monitoring the grant absorption rate, monthly and quarterly tracking and review of expenditures etc.
  • Monitoring, reporting and analysis of results of projects to incorporate lessons learnt into recommendations for improvement to be implemented by partners.
  • Liaising with procurement and legal sections to prepare and follow up contracts of GFATM sub-recipients; provide substantive inputs and support to sub-recipients contracts management;
  • Identifying bottleneck/s in hindering GFATM projects/grants implementation and promptly proposes exit strategy and report to Project Specialist.
  • Work closely with the Project Associates to maintain an assets inventory for GFATM project.

3. Create Partnerships and ensure programme harmonization

  • Establishing and maintaining effective communication channels and ensure sustainable information sharing with Regional Programmes and sub recipients in the implementation of GFATM programme activities.
  • Supporting in a collaborative vertical coordination between the different grant sections as well as M&E, including implementing harmonized approaches for any cross-cutting issues.

4. Performance Management, Knowledge Sharing and Capacity Building

  • Compiling of  best practices in implementing Global Fund programme activities at the Regional level and ensure that these are disseminated internally and externally
  • Developing of knowledge products based on lessons learned, experiences and data generated through programme implementation.
  • Facilitating capacity building of the Regional Programme and other relevant partners to mobilize/utilize GFATM resources.
  • Perform any other duties  as assigned by the management

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Updated: January 11, 2017 — 5:11 pm