M-Lesson Kiswahili Content Developer Job in Kenya

Content Developer – Kiswahili

M-Lesson is a mobile assessment platform that helps parents to self-assess and understand the day to day performance of their children in class so as to be able make better educational decisions that are geared towards improving the learning outcomes of their children.

Many parents in Kenya and the sub-Saharan Africa lack real-time performance-based information on their child’s learning progress.

For a small daily fee, M-Lesson now empowers parents to understand how well their child is meeting their educational needs.

M-Lesson is looking for a Kiswahili Content Developer to help us create and grow content for Term 1 2017!

The Content Developer should be a current or former primary school teacher and/or education specialist with a deep knowledge of the Kenyan 8-4-4 curriculum.

He or she should have experience creating class and subject exam papers (such as mid-terms and end terms) and be well-versed in the daily lessons taught to primary students.

Our focus for Term 1 2017 is to develop daily assessment questions from Class 4 to Class 8 covering Kiswahili.

Who is our potential candidate?

  • Someone who is passionate about education, information access, and finding new ways to make people’s lives easier through education.
  • Someone who is experienced in mapping lesson plans and writing exams for primary students in line with the 8-4-4 curriculum and based on what a child should have learned that particular day.
  • Someone who is a confident independent worker, aspires to leadership, wants to make impact, and desires to produce excellent results.
  • Someone who is detail-oriented and is consistently able to meet or beat timelines without being pushed or followed up.
  • Someone who is self-motivated to learn, grow, go the extra mile to achieve success, and take on new responsibilities.

The potential candidate will be required to?

  • Develop a series of multiple choice questions and answers that are in line with the 8-4-4 national curriculum’s daily lesson plans. The Content Developer should be able to map which topics should be taught each day of the week in each class, and create a daily assessment question to test if a child has learned and understood that topic.
    o We require 1 question per day for 6 days a week, for 10 weeks (30th January 2017 – 1st April 2017). This will amount to about 60 questions per class.
  • Follow the indicated question submission format to send in their questions, possible answers, and indicated correct answer.
  • Meet weekly deadlines in submitting questions and answers. All content must be submitted before 28th February 2017.


  • The Content Developer will be paid 4500 for the content for each class subject, which amounts to KSh. 15 per multiple choice question.
  • If a Content Developer performs well, we will have additional opportunities to share knowledge now, future opportunities for additional content generation (rate based on performance), and a full-time salaried Content Developer Position opening soon.

Application Process:

Candidates should submit their CV and Cover Letter on our website i.e. www.m-lesson.com.

  • The cover letter should include answers to the following questions:
    o Why are you motivated to increase educational opportunities for children in Kenya?
  • What makes you unique and therefore the ideal candidate for this position?
  • The work sample should demonstrate how you would write multiple choice questions for M-Lesson
    o Product 3 multiple choice questions, as if for an exam in one subject and for one class level.
    o Each question should include the question, 4 possible answers, and the correct answer highlighted.

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Updated: January 25, 2017 — 6:19 pm