Marie Stopes Social Franchisee Coordinators Vacancies in Kitale and South Coast

Job Framework: Social Franchisee Coordinator

Location: Kitale and South Coast

Contract Type: Fixed Term – 2 Years

Probationary Period: 3 Months

Reporting To: Senior Coordinator Social Franchise

This position is part of the Program Operations department and reports to the respective MSK Regional Coordinator.

Marie Stopes Kenya (MSK) has been a pioneer in the field of social franchising for sexual and reproductive health services in Kenya since 2004 when it rolled out Amua Social Franchise Network.

Through this innovation, MSK is able to reach more men and women with quality health services by engaging private healthcare providers in various regions and subsequently building on their capacity to deliver quality SRH and non-SRH services at an affordable cost.

In particular, this role is one of several Coordinators responsible for coordinating a cluster of private health clinics in the respective region that form part of the Social Franchise network.

A successful Social Franchise cluster network is one in which a broad range of high quality and affordable healthcare services are available to the community on a regular basis.

Strategic purpose of the Program Operations Dept: To ensure excellent delivery all MSK programme activities and the development and funding of new work.

Marie Stopes Kenya is an NGO registered in Kenya. We are affiliated to Marie Stopes International.  Together we deliver quality sexual and reproductive health care and family planning to millions of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable women. We want to make sure that women have a choice when it comes to having children and that death by unsafe abortion is reduced.

The primary responsibility of this role is to further our Goal: THE PREVENTION OF UNWANTED BIRTHS and its mission of ensuring the individual’s right to: CHILDREN BY CHOICE NOT CHANCE

The post holder commits to and is held accountable to Marie Stopes International global core values:
mission driven; customer focused; results orientated; pioneering; sustainable; people centered

Key Result Areas

This position has the following three key responsibilities:

  1. Coordination of social franchise activities in respective SF regions.
  2. Expand and scale up the social franchise brand to increase access to quality SRH services.
  3. Monitoring and reporting on social franchise performance against set Key Performance Indicator (KPIs)
  4. Implement multiple and integrated health interventions through the Social Franchise network.
  5. Increase uptake of SRH and additional franchised services by strengthening community structures to effectively promote and provide these services

Coordination of social franchise activities in respective regions.

  • Establish linkages between the PPN with the relevant MOH and CHMT to achieve benefits of PPPs.
  • Work with other MSK clinics and outreach channel leaders to identify areas of collaboration to ensure synergy across MSK channels.
  • Maintain key focus on product quality concerns and address the matter in consultation with the relevant departments ensuring that franchisees orders have been submitted and executed accordingly by the organization.
  • Conduct routine needs assessments to inform the key inputs that will drive performance i.e. training, drugs and equipment needs.
  • Identify opportunities for franchisee business development and growth and offer appropriate linkages to MSK resources and partners.
  • Actively participate during routine donor-related field tours at various franchised clinics.
  • Ensure that there is strict adherence by franchised clinics to the MOU guidelines and routinely evaluating facilities that are liable for the Franchising as per the regulations set.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Needs assessment reports.
  • Activity reports, and Referral maps,
  • Performance appraisals against set KPIs.
  • MoH supportive supervision reports,
  • Submission of SF requisition forms.
  • Monthly subscription and sales reconciliation reports.

Expand and scale up the SOCIAL FRANCHISE and social franchise brand

The activities include:

  • Mapping and Identification of new PPNs, suitable to join the Social Franchise network and updating MOUs with existing franchisees
  • Develop appropriate referral linkages between SFs, MSK clinics and outreach teams in the region with clear tracking systems
  • Work with other SF networks in the region to ensure coordinated scale up and synergies.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Signed and updated MOUs.
  • SF network database,
  • performance appraisals against set KPIs,
  • Business plans,

Monitoring and reporting on social franchise performance against set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The key activities include:

  • Support franchised health facilities to achieve QTA scores above 92% on a regular basis
  • Collect and submit timely reports on various key indicators and routinely offer feedback to the franchisees
  • Keep custody of various documents between MSK and Franchisees including MOUs and audit reports
  • Harness MSK’s Quality Assurance resources to undertake, trainings, mentorship and audits at SFs
  • Timely reporting on major and minor complications arising within the social franchise network
  • Schedule and convene quarterly review meetings for sharing of best practices amongst the SF network and promote synergy with other MSK channels.
  • Active participation in design and roll out of  various RM&E activities which include exit interviews, assessments and other research work in the Social Franchise network
  • Conduct monthly quality checks at each franchised clinics using various Quality tools.

Key Performance Indicators

  • QTA/IAC reports,
  • clinicians,
  • external QTA reports,
  • MoH supportive supervision reports,
  • Monthly service statistic reports,
  • training reports,
  • field reports,
  • incidence reports,
  • M.A.T minutes,
  • M&E feedback analysis, CHW reports

Implement multiple and integrated health interventions through the Social Franchise network

Key activities here include:

  • Roll out on a timely manner various franchised health products throughout the Social Franchise network.
  • Conduct and coordinate trainings to ensure integration of various franchised health products amongst SFs at franchised clinics.
  • Identify opportunities for linkages and referrals amongst SF, MSK clinics and outreaches on the basket of franchised products
  • Generate income from social marketing products sold to SF network on a regular basis

Key Performance Indicators

  • Service statistics,
  • Activity reports.

Increase uptake of SRH and additional franchised services by strengthening community structures to effectively promote and provide these services.

  • Participate in recruitment of CHW coordinators/supervisors and YPEs (Youth peer educators).
  • Develop innovative health promotion activities that will drive the demand for these heath products eg. Amua leo’s and Cervical Cancer Screening events, Youths Targeted Promotional events.
  • Support CHW supervisors to organize and conduct CHW trainings.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Activity reports on promotional activities,
  • Service statistics,

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