Outlet Manager Vacancy Re-Advertisement in Nairobi


We are currently recruiting on behalf of one of our client for a position of an Outlet Manager.

Salary: Kshs 50,000

Job Location: Nairobi

Key Responsibilities

  • Overall supervision of the service outlet and all the resources within it.  (30%)
  • Delivery of the brand experience within the service outlet to ensure consistency of service across all customer touchpoints. (20%)
  • Achievement of defined business targets through direct sales and cross sales within the product offering (20%)
  • Provision of information and guidance to adequately support customers within the service outlet.  (20%)
  • Identification and mitigation of all types of risks relating to the outlet and the product and service offering.   (10%).

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Overall management of day to day operations within the service outlet.
  • Supervision and guidance of outlet resources to ensure timely and effective delivery of service.
  • Provide leadership to the outlet resources to enable them to carry out their duties effectively.
  • Approve and make decisions on exceptions to defined processes and customer requests.
  • Ensure the brand experience is maintained across all the customer touchpoints.
  • Floor management to ensure a smooth flow of customers within the service outlet.
  • Plan and manage staff shifts, annual, unplanned and emergency leave to ensure minimal disruption of service.
  • Provide product information and support and to effectively respond to customer enquiries to maintain consistency in the brand experience.
  • Achievement of the defined business targets to ensure growth and profitability of the business.
  • Analyse customer data and consumer behaviour within the outlet and provide insights into customer communication and product and service improvements.
  • Cross-sell to ensure uptake of the full range of products offered.
  • Adherence to quality standards and SLAs within the service outlet to maintain the brand experience and customer promise.
  • Ensure adherence to established processes and procedures. Identify potential risks to the service and product offering and provide mitigation strategies.
  • Business Continuity plan implementation and disaster recovery co-ordination.
  • Understand and provide clear direction to the outlet based on market analysis of local area consumer trends and competitor offerings.
  • Maintain security of the premises, equipment and all card plastics awaiting personalization.
  • Accountable for supporting sales strategies to achieve annual sales and portfolio targets as cascaded from the business.
  • Planning and organizing of events and activities held in the service outlet.

Competence Requirements

  • Supervisory skills for optimal task management and optimization of outlet staff productivity.
  • Leadership to provide guidance to the outlet staff on day to day operations.
  • Dynamic and energetic with a passion for innovation and disruptive technology.
  • Problem solving and solution oriented to be able to handle complex situations
  • Quality orientation to ensure highest standards of Customer service are observed.
  • Selling skills to ensure effective selling and cross selling of the product offering.
  • Clear oral and written communication skills.
  • Customer focus with ability to think out of the box and consistently produce high quality of service.
  • Interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with and manage customer expectations (internal and external), and other stakeholders who impact performance.
  • Knowledge and experience in modern customer service practices to provide guidance on quality improvements and operational changes

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Updated: January 14, 2017 — 7:51 pm