Transparency International Programme Officer (Governance & Policy) Vacancy in Nairobi

Transparency International – Kenya (TI-Kenya)

Job title: Programme Officer – Governance & Policy

Department: Governance & Policy

Reports to: Head of Programmes

Duty Station: Nairobi

Summary: Transparency International-Kenya (TI-Kenya) is part of the Transparency International movement that is a non-partisan coalition of individuals with a shared vision of a corruption free world.

TI-Kenya is an autonomous chapter in the Transparency International movement, a global coalition against corruption with which we share knowledge and exchange ideas for the greater good of Kenya.

TI-Kenya is seeking to recruit a Programme Officer in its Governance & Policy Department.

We invite applications from interested persons.

Duties and Responsibilities

To be considered you must meet the following minimum requirements:

1. Advisory

Under guidance from the Head of Programmes, provide advice and technical support to governance and policy institutions in Kenya, donors and partner NGOs on strategy and policy implementation.

Provide technical support and advice in the monitoring of governance and policy strengthening programmes

2. Programme Management

a) Under supervision of the Head of Programmes, assist in the management of donor and service contracts, including

  • Monitoring of expenditures, ensuring that donor inputs are properly accounted for and arrangements for payment of recurrent and other expenditures are timely;
  • Identifying and recommending consultants to carry out specific tasks related to the programme;
  • Assisting in the preparation of Terms of Reference and Performance Contracts for selected consultants and the facilitation of institutional arrangements that aid the work of the consultants in the field;
  • Under supervision of the Head of Programmes , ensuring that contracts and grants design and implementation are in line with TI-Kenya strategic plan, policies and procedures

b) Supporting the orderly operation of the programme, in line with established budgets including

  • Providing technical support to project partners in the development of sound governance and policy initiatives, their design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  • Providing technical support to project partners in the development of national policies/legislation
  • Providing assistance to ensure that technical documents of the programmes are fully reviewed and assessment reports prepared and discussed.
  • Assisting in the preparation of programme implementation reports and schedules.
  • Providing technical support to planning meetings related to the programmes.
  • Coordinating administrative arrangements for technical and training meetings/workshops and other activities relating to the programmes and assisting with the timely preparation of reports
  • Participating in and preparing reports of meetings and workshops
  • Providing support in the maintenance of programme records and documentation
  • Assisting in monitoring timelines and costs to ensure that activities are implemented in a timely and cost effective manner
  • Developing links and sharing experiences with other stakeholders in order to promote the mainstreaming of transparency in their activities, policies and programmes.

3. Strategic Development

Providing input and support to the Head of Programmes in the development and review of Governance and policy strategies including, but not limited to, the Kenya Regional Governance Strengthening Strategy, TI’s regional and global governance strategy(ies) and TI Kenya’s strategic interest in policy locally, nationally and internationally.

4. Coordination / External Relationships

Under the supervision of the Head of Programmes :

  • Supporting the maintenance of constructive working relations with Kenya government, civil society, UN agencies, bilateral and multilateral donors
  • Supporting the maintenance of collaborative relationships with partner organizations and the development of collaborative programme strategies
  • Supporting capacity-building of partner institutions and coordination with regional and international TI chapters
  • Collaboration with relevant research and higher learning institutions
  • Collaboration with the private sector in line with TI Kenya policies to support transparency and accountability

5. Good Practice and Institution Learning

  • Providing technical support to the development of structured opportunities to facilitate internal and partner learning for decision-making and influencing practice
  • Assisting in project monitoring, reviews and evaluations and the development of good practice guidelines

6. Resource Mobilisation / Budget management

  • Assisting in the development of resourcing strategies that respond to programme and organizational objectives
  • Assisting in the identification and securing of funding in accordance with budget targets
  • Assisting in the development of project proposals and progress reports based on
    established standards as required
  • Tracking programme expenditure against budgets
  • Assisting in donor research and advocacy

7. Reporting

In collaboration with other programme members and under the supervision of the Head of Programmes , preparing and/or contributing to the provision of narrative and financial reporting to donors, governments, partners and internally.

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