Unreasonable East Africa Director of Operations Vacancy in Uganda

Duma Works is recruiting a Director of Operations for our client, Unreasonable East Africa.

Job Description

Your mission: This job has two goals:

  1. To build and oversee UEA’s operational systems and processes;
  2. To drive revenue growth for UEA.

Unreasonable East Africa has shown tremendous growth just after three years of running their model in the region. In the next three years they are going to be increasing the number of programs they run.

They will also be growing their team extensively as they execute new and exciting special projects which will be geared towards putting UEA on a path for financial sustainability.

Unreasonable East Africa will be doing A LOT and they need that special someone that is excited to play a unique role in this organisation during this special period of extreme growth.

To succeed in this role, you have to be meticulous, thorough and excited about optimising systems and processes. You also need to have great business acumen and an excitement for bringing business models to life. This role involves working closely with and reporting to the CEO.

Taking this role will put you on track to be a VP of Operations within a year, based on performance, making you a part of the UEA leadership team.

Key Responsibilities

1. Building and overseeing UEA’s organisational processes and systems. This includes:

  • Working with all the VP’s to ensure efficient and effective day to day operations across the organisation.
  • Working with the CEO to manage organisational talent management systems alongside the VP’s including hiring, improving and managing HR systems, performance management systems and more.
  • Supporting the VPs to standardise and scale effective & efficient systems & processes across the organisation.
  • Managing and tracking our organisational goals and objectives, making sure our whole team is continually aligned to achieving them leading to diligent and effective execution.
  • Supporting the CEO in managing our Boards(Advisory and Board of Directors).

2. Driving revenue growth for UEA. This includes:

  • Supporting the CEO in fundraising by identifying potential partners and designing effective value propositions & proposals that create value for partners and increase revenue for UEA.
  • Growing UEA’s business model(s) strategies by creating win-win incentives and building & managing effective systems that accelerate revenue growth from customers.
  • Diversifying UEA’s revenue streams by identifying and pursuing multiple possible additional sources of revenue for the organisation.

3. Strategic projects management. Working closely with the CEO to directly lead some strategic initiatives, particularly cross-functional efforts, by developing clear goals, timelines, research and project timeliness as needed.

4. Doing whatever it takes to give an UNREASONABLE advantage to companies. We are a small entrepreneurial team that steps up when there is work to be done. At times, you’ll be expected to work outside of just your role to contribute to our team’s overall efforts.


Education / Work Experience

  • You have 3-5 years of work experience with a strong track-record of designing, managing and scaling systems and processes. You can see the big picture and break it down into what needs to happen. You are also able to guide a team in executing on those steps.
  • You have a strong business acumen, and are excited about building business models. You love and have experience in monetising products & services and building the right incentives for customers.
  • You have worked for a startup or in a startup environment, and/or have worked in supporting startups to grow. You are willing to work beyond the job description, wear many hats, and roll with constant change.
  • You love working with teams. This role involves A LOT of coordination of different types of teams. If this does not energise you, you will not thrive in this role. You also enjoy playing a supportive role to help teams succeed.

Skills + Capabilities

  • You are a good listener. To be successful in this role, you will need to listen carefully to teammates, our customers and all partners.
  • You are organized and know that the “magic is in the details”. You have keen attention to detail, and an ability to keep things in order. You strike a balance between the big picture and operating well at the details. Most importantly, you are obsessed about creating systems to keeping things organized.
  • You have strong diagnostic, analytical and pattern-recognition skills that you can apply to both quantitative and qualitative data.
  • You are willing to tackle projects without much guidance/structure. We are three years old, so while we have some structure, you will also be called upon to build structure. You can show us how you have stepped into ambiguous and disorganized situations and brought structure.
  • You believe that we > I (a hat tip to Skillshare for sharing this great value with us). We believe in finding ways to expand the pie so that everyone can get a larger slice rather than trying to claim as much value as possible from a fixed pie. We believe in pathological collaboration and that this journey is about all of us.
  • You believe that no task is too small.
  • You are able to delegate tasks effectively to the rest of the team.
  • Most importantly, you believe in the power of entrepreneurship to solving some of the greatest challenges that we face and will jump for an opportunity to play a small part in a grand journey as we seek to make East Africa a much better place.

To Apply

Please send a Cover Letter and your CV  to apply@dumaworks.com marking the subject as “2636”, Your Full name &  Phone number e.g. 2636 Barack Obama, +2547xxxxxxxx. If you don’t follow these instructions, your application will not go through.

Applications are rolling.

If you have any issues with the process, please reach out to +254702093793 or hello@dumaworks.com. Good luck!

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Updated: January 19, 2017 — 7:14 pm