Kenya Medical Association Consultancy – Documentation of KMA/RHRA Advocacy for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Project

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Terms of Reference for Consultancy

Documentation of KMA/RHRA Advocacy for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Project in Peri-urban Informal Settlements in Nairobi County

Introduction: Kenya Medical Association (KMA) is the professional body for all medical practitioners registered in the Republic of Kenya and was founded in 1968 and incorporated in 1973 under the companies Act Cap 486 as a company limited by guarantee.

KMA objectives include; to promote the practice of medicine in Kenya as well as to advise the Government, other medical bodies and the general public on matters related to health.

In line with its objectives, KMA, through the Reproductive Health Standing Committee (RHC) and under the auspices of the Reproductive Health and Rights Alliance (RHRA) is implementing a project titled Advocacy for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in Kenya.

Since 2012, the RHC has been implementing a project in major peri-urban settlements in Nairobi County specifically aimed at increasing the levels of knowledge on the law and policy framework on SRHR in Kenya among community and healthcare providers in operating within these settlements; as well as increasing referrals for safe abortion, post abortion care and contraceptive services among community members living in within these settlements.

KMA is seeking to recruit a consultant to document best practices and lessons learnt during the implementation of this project to be used in advocacy and for dissemination to the wider public to guide future similar projects

Purpose of the Consultancy

KMA would like to document best practices realized in implementing this project in a structured manner, focusing on identifying the specific factors of success, summarizing the actual actions being undertaken on the ground and describing the impact of interventions on the lives of those for whom it is being implemented.

The documentation will also attempt to propose some promising practices that can be maintained and replicated or scaled up in the future. The documentation will include the voices of beneficiaries.

Specific objectives

The specific objectives of the assignment are as follows;

  • Document best practices and lessons learnt from the implementation of the KMA project in regard to improving the sexual and reproductive health and rights status of community members living in peri-urban settlements in Nairobi County.
  • Create an information pack for dissemination to KMA partners

Main Tasks

The consultant will be expected to undertake the following tasks, among others:

  1. Participate in an inception meeting: Prepare an inception report detailing the approach, work plan and budget to carry out the assignment. This will be developed and finalized in consultation with KMA Project staff.
  2. Carry out a desk-review of relevant KMA/RHRA documents relating to the project, including study and activity reports.
  3. Prepare tools that will be used for documenting the KMA/RHRA project.
  4. Conduct field work in select peri-urban settlements with KMA/RHRA project staff. This will include focus group discussions, interviews, observations and visits to beneficiaries to elicit their views in regard to the project
  5. Highlight best practices by analyzing and presenting relevant information about project implementation
  6. Produce the text, photographs and infographics for an information pack (8-10 pages) highlighting best practices and including voices of beneficiaries and other stakeholders.
  7. Participate in a close-out meeting with KMA

KMA and RHRA have sole ownership of all information and materials related to the consultancy assignment as applicable, and any information shall only be shared or reproduced with their written permission.


  1. Inception report, prepared after an inception meeting, detailing the general understanding of the assignment, approach, work plan, budget and deliverables. The agreed upon budget, after submission of the inception report is what will inform preparation of the contract.
  2. Draft of content to be included in the final information pack
  3. A high quality information pack (8-10 pages) of best practices including the voices of the beneficiaries

Time Frame: The assignment is expected to be completed within a period of two months after signing of contract.

Role of KMA: KMA Project Staff will be responsible for linking the consultant with the community and other partners, and provision of guidance and support to the process, including clarification of KMA/RHRA’s goal, objectives and interventions.

KMA Project Staff will provide documents for review by the consultant, and participate in consultation meetings/interviews. The roles will be further defined at an inception meeting

Expected Profile of the Consultant

  1. The proposed consultants should have master’s level university degree from recognized institutions, with a mix of expertise in Communications and Public Health;
  2. At least five years of professional experience in investigative, public health interest and human impact story writing, preferably on sexual and reproductive health issues;
  3. Ability to analyze and synthesize relevant information and develop highly analytical reports;
  4. Excellent editing skills and ability to integrate human interest with statistics and technical reports to present credible content;
  5. A demonstrated ability to write concise consultancy reports;
  6. Photography skills and experience will be an added advantage.
  7. Able to meet deadlines and work efficiently in complex and changing circumstances

Proposal Specifications

Interested consultants must submit an application with the following components:


  • Understanding and interpretation of the TOR
  • Methodology to be used in undertaking the assignment
  • Work plan with activities and timelines


Detailed budget including daily consultancy rate(s) in Kenya Shillings

Note: Include all anticipated costs in the proposal since KMA will not cover costs not included in the approved budget, and will not separately handle payments for any item.

Capability statement

  • Contacts of organizations previously worked for
  • Relevant experience related to the assignment
  • Curriculum vitae and Biodata of key staff
  • Samples of recent and relevant similar work (at least three samples)

Note: The individuals whose CVs are submitted in the proposal will undertake the assignment and work directly with KMA staff; any attempt at replacement or substitution of the consultants will be treated as breach of agreement.

Payment Terms

  • KMA will pay 30% of the total consultancy payment upon submission of final inception report
  • KMA will pay 70% upon submission and acceptance of all final deliverables. Acceptance by KMA will be made in writing.

Proposal Submission

Please submit complete proposal by email with the title ‘KMA/RHRA Documentation Consultancy’ no later than February 15, 2017 to with a copy to and

Evaluation and Award of the Consultancy: KMA will evaluate the proposals and award the assignment based on technical and financial soundness and feasibility. Pre-award and/or post award interview and/or negotiation may be held prior to final assignment. KMA reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal received without giving reasons and is not bound to accept the lowest, the highest or any bidder.

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