Mercy Corps YES! Program Funding Opportunity to Agricultural Firms dealing with Horticultural Products

Request for Expressions of Interest

Youth Empowered For Success (YES) Kenya

REOI Number: YES/2017/001

Item: Enhancing Market Oriented Production of Horticultural Products for YES Beneficiaries Involved in Agriculture

Issuance Date: 1 February 2017

Closing Date for EOI submission: 18 February 2017 (Rolling thereafter)

Anticipated Number of Contracts: Up to 3

Contract Funding Range: 1,000,000 – 1,200,000 Kshs.

Anticipated Duration: 1 March 2017 to 1 March 2018

Geographic coverage: Kiambu County

Youth Empowered for Success (YES) Kenya Program: Mercy Corps with funding from Coca Cola Africa Foundation is implementing a program called Youth Empowered for Success (YES!) in Kenya.

YES! is a 3 year pilot program aimed at improving and increasing employment and entrepreneurship for young people between age of 18 to 35 in Kenya.

The program is to make efforts to work with diverse private sector actors to enhance economic opportunities for the youths through market facilitation and training.

The program works with 4,500 youth in ‘Hubs’, which are CBOs or youth groups. Roughly 500 of these youth (in 3 Hubs in Kiambu) are involved in, or interested in, agriculture.

The Request

What: Mercy Corps is therefore pleased to announce a Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) from qualifying agricultural firms involved in the marketing, sales and buying of horticultural products, to link up to 500 young farmers to production and market opportunities of their target products.

The firms should agree to the following activities:

  • Enter into contracts with the individual youth farmers to buy back produce that meets minimum quality standards,
  • Provide training on the production and handling of the specified products that they market
  • Develop demonstration plots as a means of training,
  • Provide seeds and/or other relevant inputs (up to Kshs. 1,200 per person) based on a cost-sharing model between, the agricultural firm, the farmer and Mercy Corps,
  • Guarantee purchase based on prevailing market prices.

The final number of producers engaged in the partnership will be based on uptake given the proposed target products and support package, and must apply to production in both planting seasons of 2017.

Who: Expressions of Interest are sought only from Kenya-registered private companies that:

  1. Have a track record in the purchase and marketing of horticultural products (for high value markets including export markets preferred),
  2. Have experience working with youth entrepreneurs to expand their market reach,
  3. Are willing and have the capacity to provide trainings and ongoing mentorship to their rural producers,
  4. Currently is a supplier of inputs for target horticultural products in Kenya,
  5. Provide credit terms to their producers,
  6. Agree to accept and the condition set forth in this REOI.

Applications submitted for this program must provide evidence of previous experience marketing horticultural products and working youth to expand their market reach.

Applicants should also demonstrate all necessary experience with documentation included in their application.

Where:  Applicants must be willing to work in Kiambu County. Preference will be given to those who are already established in this region.

Download the Expression of Interest at the link below

Mercy Corps YES! Program Funding Opportunity Form

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