Field Operations Team Leader Job in Rift Valley, Kenya

Job title: Field Operations Team Leader

Department: Technical

Reports to: Head of Field Operations and Maintenance

Division / Section: Field Operations

Location: Rift Valley

Job Summary: Reporting to the Head of Field Operations and Maintenance, the Field Operations Team Leader is fully in charge of all field operations and maintenance activities in the region.

The role entails hands on execution and management of faults, reactive and proactive maintenance activities. In addition, the role is required to plan, coordinate, lead and organize regional maintenance activities..

The role has a target network uptime of 99.9 %. The role is in charge of all regional company assets in the jurisdiction.

Key Responsibilities  

  • Manages third party relations including KPLC, KETRACO, KENHA, KURA and the County Government.
  • Gathers adequate market knowledge to guide strategic and tactical decisions for purposes of achieving and sustaining effective competitive positioning of the region • Attends management, strategic and routine meetings.
  • Manages regional office activities in accordance with management objectives.
  • Plans, organizes, coordinates and controls all regional activities so as to achieve the desired technical objectives.
  • Allocates, schedules, plans, organizes, leads and coordinates duty for, Engineers /Auxiliary support staff in the region and all contractors or engineers on technical visit to the region.
  • Ensures safety of staff and/or contractors by adhering to company safety rules/regulations at all times e.g. use of safety equipment in heights, safety belts in driving etc
  • Eradicates, eliminates or reduces risk of fraudulent activities involving company property by staff and/or contractor.
  • Prioritizes customer complaints and/or network failures to avoid disruption of service and subsequent loss of revenue to the company.
  • Attends to regional or global faults raised through ticketing tool otherwise affecting the region.
  • Coordinates maintenance and repair of support equipment e.g. Generators, UPSs and any other device associated with BS, Microwave backbone, Fibre infrastructure
  • Undertakes equipment commissioning, acceptances, upgrades or downgrades, following due
    process and laid down processes and procedures
  • Manages fueling of generators by staff and/or contractors.
  • Keeps a record of all spare parts. Requisitioning of the same based on re-order levels while forecasting and managing logistics regional functions.
  • Ensures preventives maintenance is done as per target and updates regions’ preventives database accordingly.
  • Ensures that all curatives maintenance is done in accordance with regions’ downtime budget and closing the ticketing tool upon every curative.
  • Oversees and coordinates root cause analysis of every fault, with a view to taking relevant and necessary actions to avoid repeat occurrences and reporting the same to Management
  • Liaises with NMC/NOC, Engineering, and Network Build & Roll-out, Service Delivery team or vendors on ways to improve identified network areas of weakness.
  • Ensures timely reports to HQ as required on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
  • Directly responsible for site and/or property maintenance either through company or Subcontractors and management of regional technical offices/stores.
  • Develops the technical, leadership or managerial skills of staff under the jurisdiction to attain a level of autonomy in their areas of operation and identify any needs for training and/or attachments for skill development.
  • Conducts continuous and annual assessment of team members.
  • Prepares and presents regional budgetary needs every financial year to Management • Manages petty cash and ensures timely presentation of accounts to finance department.
  • Team building
    –    Provides quality leadership to achieve and sustain optimal motivation, commitment and participation of staff to achieve personal and company objectives
    –    Maintains effective and motivated regional maintenance team
    –    Allocates  roles and responsibilities of each team member
    –    Ensures that the right people are in the right positions and oversees the development of their skills and knowledge
    –    Undertakes performance management for the teams; formulates appropriate key performance indicators for the team and regularly reviews their performance – Fosters team work
  • Costs
    –    Financial management including, Reviews and vets technical invoices, completion certificates, and quotations from company Contractors
    –    Monitors and optimizes costs in Service Delivery, and ensures adherence to budgets and undertakes regular reviews for improvement
    –    Undertakes regular and appropriate implementation of costs review measures; Management of costs in services provision

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