Mercy Corps Formulation of Turkana County Policy on Community Policing Call for Proposal

Mercy Corps

Call for Proposal

Title: Formulation of Turkana County Policy on Community Policing

Mercy Corps, in conjunction with Turkana County Government (TCG), seeks to hire the services of a qualified consultant or firm to formulate Turkana County specific policy on community policing.

The policy will define the county government roles/mandates, develop support structures for community policing and public participation towards operationalization of the CPA and implementation of community policing.

A brief description of the program, purpose of the consultancy, scope of work, required qualifications and other relevant information has been developed by the TCG and available.

Objectives of the Consultancy: The specific objective of the consultancy is to develop Turkana government county policy on community policing consistent with the constitution and other legal frameworks within Kenya and the region.

Scope and Main Tasks

The consultant will be responsible to deliver the following specific key tasks;

  • Review and interpret legal framework underpinning the establishment of the CPA, and Community Policing (Reference to the National Policy on Community Policing, NPS Amended Act of 2011, CPA implementation guidelines);
  • Carry out a Turkana county context/situational analysis to inform how best the County Government can collaborate in the implementation of community policing, and operationalization of the CPA;
  • Formulate a Turkana county policy and guidelines for Community Policing;
  • Recommend effective initiatives for the Turkana County Government to implement in support to Community Policing programmes;
  • Develop Turkana county policy implementation framework for the recommended Community Policing initiatives.


The consultancy will result into the following key deliverables

  • Turkana County Policy on Community Policing;
  • Specific initiatives that the Turkana County Government can implement in support of Community Policing and;
  • Policy implementation framework and a monitoring and evaluation framework.

1. Timeframe: The consultancy must be completed within 4 months. However, the consultant shall propose the realistic time duration to deliver the assignment with regard to the stated deliverables which will form part of technical evaluation of the proposal.

2. Ethics Plan: Bidders are required to set out their approach to ensuring complete compliance with international good practices with regards to research ethics and protocols, particularly with regards to safeguarding children, vulnerable groups and those in fragile and conflict-affected states.

Consideration should be given to:

  • Administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect the confidentiality of those participating in research;
  • Physical safeguards for those conducting research;
  • Data protection and secure maintenance procedures for personal information;
  • Parental consent concerning data collection from children or collation of data about children; and
  • Age-appropriate assent processes based on reasonable assumptions about comprehension for the ages of children they intend to involve in the research.

3. Profile of the Consultant / Company

The following qualifications are essential for the consultancy firm to take on this assignment

The consultant shall comply with the following requirements:

  • A comprehensive understanding of laws establishing devolved governments and existing collaboration frameworks between County Governments, the National Government, and Regional Institutions on policing;
  • of At least 5 years’ experience of policy formulation on community policing and security at levels of local and national governments in the region;
  • A thorough understanding of conflict and security challenges specific to Turkana, neighboring countries and the existing policing efforts and;
  • Proof of undertaking similar work on community policing and security.

4. Consultancy Work Proposal Specifications

Interested consultants for this assignment must include a detailed technical proposal and completed Timeline & LOE chart (Enclosed).

The study should not exceed a total of 90 days, which includes all activities (prep, data collection, analysis & write-up).

The technical proposal should include the following components.

  • Description of the assignment
  • Approach and methodology to be used in undertaking the assignment (Including Sample Size/Region)
  • Detail implementation plan
  • Budget (see attached)
  • Organizational and personnel capacity including profile of key personnel (annex CVs)
  • Previous experience of similar assignments (proves annexed)
  • Any other relevant information to the assignment
  • 3 References

5. Selection Criteria

The following criteria and weighting will be used to select the consultant.

6. Proposal Submission

Interested consultants can submit their technical and financial proposal in a sealed envelope to the following address not later than Friday March 28th, 2017.

Mercy Corps Kenya Nairobi Office
ABC Place Waiyaki Way 3rd Building, 1st Floor
P.O. Box 11868-00100 Nairobi, Kenya
Mercy Corps Kenya Lodwar Office
Narewa Area, Along Kerio Road
Kanamkemer Ward, Lodwar Town

Applicants seeking clarifications on this bid should send their questions/quarries to by
10:00 am Thursday March-24-2017

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