Mercy Corps Digital Content Creator Vacancy in Kenya

Mercy Corps

Scope of Work

Job Title: Digital Content Creator

Background to the Project: Mercy Corps is powered by the belief that a better world is possible. Across the more than 40 countries in which we operate, we’re working to address root causes of poverty head on, and helping those caught in crisis not only meet their immediate needs, but build a brighter future.

In taking on these challenges, Mercy Corps does not act alone nor are we satisfied with business as usual. In our work, we strive to innovate for greater impact – often through increased take-up of technology and investment in market-driven models.

In our work, we see technology as an enabler to improve scale, access, efficiency, engagement, and effectiveness in our global work.

Youth Empowered for Success (YES!) is a partnership with The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation (TCCAF) and Harambee which seeks to enhance employment for 25,000 young people in six African countries by 2018, and 500,000 by 2022. Mercy Corps is the lead implementer in Kenya, Uganda, Liberia, Nigeria, and Tunisia.

The program has three workstreams:

  • Core YES! Model: Localizing the YES! model in 6 countries to improve the employment and entrepreneurship of 11,000 youth.
  • Innovation and Digital: Driving innovation in youth employment in Africa through business solutions including digital tools, reaching 14,000 youth.
  • Thought leadership: Research and learning on youth economic empowerment in Africa, building an evidence base enabling partnerships to scale to reach 500,000

Purpose / Project Description: Under YES!’s Innovation and Digital Workstream, we are pursuing a pilot with various technical partners, to place locally accessible educational content aboutyouth employability on a local network for viewing by youth on their smartphones at youth centers and multiple Coca-Cola kiosks across and outside Nairobi.

The same content may also be deployed online through various employment-related sites.

YES! is seeking a service provider to create video content, for an initial deployment on the local networks under the brand ‘YES! TV’.

The content will be based on the 25-module YES! curriculum (more below) but the service provider should propose the structure of video content and any complementary activities (eg. Quizzes) that they will produce. This is an initial pilot, which may result in subsequent production of more modules.

For this pilot, video content should be made on ten (10) modules of the YES! curriculum and could include dramas, stories and/or skits about key behavioral change themes from the YES! curriculum, as well as animated or presented educational content on technical components of the training, like many e-learning or MOOC courses.

The YES! program has networks of youth groups across Nairobi, and the development of the products should be made in collaboration with those groups (Mercy Corps will facilitate the connection).

This includes potentially working with those youth as actors if required.


The Consultant will work in close collaboration with the YES! Innovation and Digital Coordinator, as well as YES! Kenya team to produce content for ten (10) modules (see list below, and curriculum attached).

Five (5) will be produced initially, and the remaining (5) will be produced contingent on quality of the first five.

There will be 2-4 short videos (max 5 mins) per module on the most critical components of the module (and those most transferrable to video content):

First 5:

o    Transferable Skills Module 2: Communication
o    Transferable Skills Module 4: Goal Setting
o    Employability Module 4: How to Write a CV
o    Employability Module 7: Customer Service
o    Financial Management Module 2: Saving Money

Second 5:

o    Employability Module 3: Job Applications
o    Employability Module 5: How to Interview
o    Financial Management Module 1: Record Keeping (Topic 2: Business Ledger)
o    Financial Management Module 4: Borrowing Money & Loans
o    Business Skills Module 1: Who is an Entrepreneur?

Responsibilities include:

  • Initial planning with the YES! team to decide on which components of modules to focus on (including YES! Curriculum advisor)
  • Initial consultation with chosen YES! Hub (network) to review plans for focus
  • Storyboarding of video content
  • Scripting of video content
  • Filming & production of video content, using YES! participants
  • Collaboration with BRCK to ensure that the product is developed in suitable format for deployment on the Moja platform


  1. Storyboards for proposed video content
  2. Draft Scripts for proposed video content
  3. First draft of video content
  4. Final version of video content

Scheduled Timeframe: The content for first 5 modules must be available within six (6) weeks of contract signing.

Scoring Criteria:

Proposals will be scored based on the following criteria:

Communications and Media, ICT and Technology, NGO and UN
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