Mobius Motors Build & Validation Engineer Job in Kenya

Mobius Motors

Build & Validation Engineer

Description: Designed, engineered and built in Kenya, Mobius Motors sells highly durable, highly affordable vehicles for Africa’s mass market.

Versatile, rugged and durable, it is designed for African cities whilst still being extremely capable off-road.

The Build & Validation Engineer will be responsible for managing the overall vehicle build and validation program.

This involves ensuring the required mule and prototype test validation units are built to required configurations and then tracking the validation of the vehicle, individual systems and components to ensure a successful overall validation program.

They will work with the Workshop Supervisor to ensure the vehicle builds are carried out as required and work closely with the test engineering resources to ensure successful execution of the validation test plan.

The role will also require a close working relationship with the Vehicle Integration team to ensure the timely and correct integration of vehicle components for validation.

Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Work with the Associate Director to plan the vehicle BOM configuration required for each vehicle build as per the program requirements. Subsequently work with the BOM engineer to manage and track the vehicle BOM configuration.
  • Based on program timing targets, effectively plan and manage the physical build of mule and prototype vehicles as per required configurations & budget. Provide the vehicle build plan to the workshop supervisor to support the vehicle builds.
  • Plan & track the individual system and component validation activities managing vehicle installation, timeframe and sign-off status for each after completion of test activity.
  • Coordinate with the workshop supervisor to ensure the availability of mule & prototype vehicles to carry out mandated verification & validation tests as per the vehicle validation.
  • Put together clear documentation on the overall vehicle design and build configuration with the support of the vehicle system engineers including detailed build instructions, CAD DMU models & drawings.
  • Manage the timely and periodic publication of vehicle status summaries to the engineering & management team for detailed review and analysis.
  • Track and manage the resolution of issues arising from validation vehicles.


  • An ideal candidate should combine outstanding technical skills in engineering and operations management with excellent interpersonal and communication skills to work effectively with a multidisciplinary team.
  • They should possess a strong skill set in leading multi-function teams and developing, integrating and validating full vehicle content – within the automotive industry.


  • Bachelor degree (minimum) in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering or similar
  • 4+ years related experience in automotive product design/development engineering
  • Good leadership and clear sense of direction with ability to communicate that to others
  • CAD proficiency to be able to read and review drawings, engineering models
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills to build strong rapport with others
  • Exceptional persistence and endurance to overcome significant challenges
  • Ability to effectively communicate timelines and project progress with both internal and external management teams
  • Ability to adapt to a dynamic working environment and work within a diverse team


  • Masters degree (or higher) in in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering or similar

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