Nairobi Waldorf School Wood Work Teacher Job in Kenya

Nairobi Waldorf School

Wood Work teacher

Reporting to: Faculty Chair, Nairobi Waldorf Schools

Deadline for application: 11th March 2017

Job Summary:

The wood work teacher will be part of a team of teachers working in the school. The teacher will teach a group of up to 25 children and is expected to stay with the class through to grade 8. The wood work teacher takes primary responsibility for teaching the class.

Roles and responsibilities

Meeting the needs of the children

The Main Lesson teacher is responsible for following the Waldorf curriculum, developing and tailoring it to suit the needs of the students, and presenting it in accordance with the principles, methodology and philosophy of Waldorf Education.

Meeting the needs of the families

The wood work teacher is responsible for incorporating the students’ families into the school life. This includes the following:

  • Educating parents about middle childhood development in accordance with Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy and waldorf principles, with emphasis on specific phase of any given class.
  • Gathering and making available, articles and study materials that support and elaborate waldorf principles, Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy, Anthroposophy and/or middle childhood development.
  • Addressing parents’ questions and enquiries regarding parenting, child development and behavioural concerns.
  • Planning and conducting at least three parent meetings within the school year, during when relevant study is presented, important information is shared, class events are addressed and areas of concern are discussed.
  • Maintaining a healthy classroom community through termly class socials

Meeting the needs of the community

  • The wood work teacher is involved and participates in the activities of the school community in the following ways:
  • Coordinating and participating in all school festivals and events
  • Giving input to the relevant staff for the purpose of developing marketing and enrolment materials.
  • Providing reports, photos and communication ideas to update the school website and social media sites

Meeting the needs of the faculty

The wood work teacher is involved and participates in the management of the affairs of the school in the following ways:

  • Attending general faculty meetings and primary faculty meetings to address pedagogical, curriculum and school management issues
  • Working closely with subject teachers and meeting with them at least twice a term to address any concerns that may arise as well as ensure consistency in teaching and classroom management methodology
  • Serving efficiently in faculty management positions when nominated
  • Serving efficiently on school committees when nominated
  • Contributing to administrative and management tasks
  • Preparing procurement plans for teaching material, class repair or other improvements needed

Skills and Qualifications

  • At least a Diploma in Waldorf/Steiner Teaching (Compulsory)
  • Degree in Education (Desirable)
  • Experience in classroom teaching in a Waldorf/Steiner School
  • Ability to play keyboard/recorder, paint and teach music and art will be an added advantage.
  • Registration with TSC is essential/compulsory.

Submitting your application

Clearly state your current and expected salary in the cover letter.

All interested candidates must submit a CV (with references) and cover letter only to with the email subject ‘Application for Wood work  Teacher’ before 11th March 2017.

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