Britam Insurance Sales Agents Jobs in Kenya

We have opportunities in our company to hire insurance sales agents.

We are looking at people who are looking for business opportunities to generate a decent income through a commission structure.

Requirements are:

  • Minimum Mean grade of C and above.
  • Degree or a diploma minimum.
  • One who Is 25yrs old and above exception for single mothers only.
  • One who is tired of earning 20k to 60k per month and there is no room for growth and has lots of responsibilities  yet they consider themselves aggressive and patient to generate commissions and grow the income faster.
  • One who is in business and it’s hardly breaking even and it’s really struggling yet they are feeling they are cut out for business.

This is actually a business that you don’t require stock,a lot of running capital,hefty end month expenses etc.

Kindly let them drop their cv’s to

Note there is lots of benefits

  1. very attractive   commisions
  2. medical cover
  3. pensions
  4. gpa
  5. all loans at really low interests

Notably they will be attached to a very experienced team leader and coach to train and walk them through their business.

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Updated: April 20, 2017 — 3:47 pm