KANCO Grants Manager Job in Kenya

Job Vacancy: Grants Manager

KANCO is  regional membership network of organizations including: Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs), Community Based Organization (CBOs), Faith Based Organization (FBOs), Private Sector, Research and Learning Institutions responding to HIV & AIDS and TB in Kenya.

It is also accredited as a Linking Organization with the International HIV & AIDS Alliance.

Its mission is to provide leadership, promote collaboration and enhance capacity among Civil Society organizations (CSOs) and other stakeholders to respond to HIV & AIDS and TB at the community level.

Guided by the vision of healthy people, empowered communities, over time KANCO has evolved to become a premier agency for sensitizing, mobilizing and promoting collaboration among civil society organizations (CSOs) working in the region.

KANCO is recruiting a Grants Manager who will be based in Nairobi.

The Grants Manager will oversee an extensive portfolio of KANCO grants ensure   a regular review of KANCO Grant management system; developing project budgets and evaluating project results; facilitating the grant selection process; monitoring and reporting on grant activities; and providing technical assistance and training to grant recipients

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Overseeing an extensive portfolio of KANCO grants to sub recipients and facilitating the grant selection process.
  • Ensuring a regular review of KANCO grants management system.
  • Developing and submitting project budgets and evaluating grants project results.
  • Advising KANCO management on critical prime award and sub-award strategies and issues.
  • Assessing subrecipients’ organizational capacity, including but not limited to the technical and financial capacity, internal controls, risk analysis and establish risk mitigation plans.
  • Developing and negotiating sub award agreements with selected sub recipients, ensuring compliance with donor and organizational policies.
  • Monitoring the sub recipient compliance with the sub award terms and applicable donor
  • Maintaining regular communication with sub recipients regarding required compliance, reporting, and modification requirements.
  • Interpreting fundamental donor regulations and requirements and apply them to specific situations for timely resolution to prime award issues.
  • Preparing and submitting financial requests for donor consideration and approvals to include but not limited to waivers for restrictions, international travel, key personnel, revisions to program description and budget and  disposition instructions
  • Preparing and submitting Grant management reports as per KANCO reporting schedule to comply with donor optimal standards and strict deliverables.
  • Perform any other duty as  assigned by management

Accounting and Finance, Business Administration, NGO and UN
Updated: April 28, 2017 — 7:42 pm