AGRA Program Officer (Resilience) Job in Nairobi, Kenya

Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)

Program Officer – Resilience

Job Reference: PDI 01/2017

About AGRA: Founded in 2006, the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), is an African-led African-based organization that seeks to catalyze Agriculture Transformation in Africa.

AGRA is focused on putting smallholder farmers at the center of the continent’s growing economy by transforming agriculture from a solitary struggle to survive into farming as a business that thrives.

As the sector that employs the majority of Africa’s people, nearly all of them small-scale farmers, AGRA recognizes that developing smallholder agriculture into a productive, efficient, and sustainable system is essential to ensuring food security, lifting millions out of poverty, and driving equitable growth across the continent.

AGRA is rolling out a new 5-year strategy to catalyze and sustain an Inclusive Agricultural Transformation in Africa to increase incomes and improve food security for 30 million farmers.

Under this strategy, AGRA will deliver through an approach that simultaneously catalyzes change at farmer level, strengthens input and output market systems and puts government at the center to enable and champion private-sector-led agricultural growth at national level.

To support this transformation, AGRA is seeking to recruit an experienced and exceptional individual to the position of Program Officer – Resilience.

Position Summary: Reporting to the Vice President – Program Delivery and Innovation, the Program Officer, Resilience is responsible for mainstreaming resilience thinking and approaches in AGRA’s strategy and country plans, as well as serving as AGRA’s technical lead in this area to shape potential investments, unlock resilience funds for priority programs on the continents, and strengthen AGRA’s knowledge management and thought leadership.

In collaboration with AGRA’s teams and partners, s/he will work at farmer level, systems level and national level to put in place programs and policies that develop more resilient agricultural systems and enhance farmers’ and systems’ capacity to deal with the broad range of shocks and stresses to agricultural production and food security in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), such as droughts, floods, commodity price instability, civil unrest, pests and disease outbreaks.

The role is based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Shape Strategy & Country Plans

  • Mainstream resilience thinking into AGRA’s 11 country operational plans around the continent to build resilient agricultural systems at all levels
  • Participate in strategy and M&E dashboard reviews to understand where AGRA is and is not making progress on resilience outputs and outcomes, in order to inform leadership decisions on next steps and new interventions
  • Serve as a thought partner to country teams and other AGRA management on how to strengthen resilience programming strategies
  • Provide technical advisory support to governments (strategy support, capacity building and data analytics) to help in developing national agricultural plans, value chain analysis and private sector partnerships
  • Develop and implement policies that can help the countries to achieve greater resilience in the face of potential shocks

Shape and Backstop Potential AGRA Investments

  • Advocate for trade policies that reduce barriers to intra-African trade, promote private sector engagements and increase public sector investments in resilient technologies e.g., weather based insurance, mechanization.
  • Drive support from various institutions to develop and implement innovative financing and crop/weather based insurance initiatives that will support the provision of affordable credit and crop insurances
  • Work with relevant partners to strengthen private sector (e.g. micro-financing institutions, crop insurance providers) to improve delivery of services particularly in agricultural financing in respect to the priority value chains to reach scale
  • Collaborate and Lead the development of technologies and systems that prepare and decrease the exposure of small holder farmers to threats through research and capacity building interventions that contribute viable solutions to building resilience
  • Guide the development and implementation of innovative financing and crop/weather based insurance initiatives that will support the provision of affordable credit and crop insurances
  • Promote an enabling policy environment for resilient agriculture across the social and political spectrum to promote the development and growth of this value chain of activities, targeting specific policy changes at national level.
  • Drive the creation of an enabling environment for effective governance for resilience programming to push household and community access to resources, skills, technology, services, markets and information.
  • Work with AGRA partners to improve market information systems for farmers by promoting use of ICT platforms e.g. M-farms
  • At continental level, drive through relevant parties the increase of regional engagements to strengthen and compliment Pan-African efforts of the AUC-NPCA (and RECs) by translating its vision and commitments to actionable country priorities.
  • Promote post-harvest technologies and management practices to minimize losses

Unlock resilience funding for priority programs

  • Forge mutually advantageous partnerships and draw on diverse networks among communities, civil society, research institutions, NGOs, technical agencies, government and the private sector on policy, research & development, analytics, financing etc.
  • Support countries developing proposals to secure investment from global funds such as the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) and the Green Climate Fund
  • Work with the program teams and Resource Mobilization Unit to submit proposals and unlock funds for resilience programs to implement AGRA’s strategy or to support AGRA’s priority countries in funding their own national plans and flagship programs around resilience

Strengthen AGRA’s knowledge management and thought leadership

  • Produce knowledge products that curate AGRA’s understanding, experience, and lessons for how to build resilience in agricultural systems through its strategy implementation
  • Serve as a thought leader for AGRA in the area of resilience, representing AGRA in external forums and through media as appropriate
  • Serve on select working groups and platforms that are at the forefront of resilience thinking for African agriculture, such as the Food Security Network, Global Resilience Partnership, and M&E Working Group on Resilience

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AGRA is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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