Centre Coordinator Job in Kenya – Global Youth Employment Programme

Job Vacancy: Centre Coordinator for delivery of Customer Service Agents (CSA)

Our Client is a global youth employment programme that helps provide young adults the opportunity to build successful careers and change their life trajectories.

In Kenya, we have successfully launched three training programmes: Financial Services Sales, Retail and Restaurant Services and Distributed Sales.

Career Management Training Institute, a delivery partner for organization, is seeking a talented centre coordinator interested in contracting for a full-time role to lead the roll-out and scale-up of the Customer Service Agents (CSA) programme delivered by CMTI to start in May 2017.

The Centre Coordinator will be responsible for end-to-end delivery of CSA cohorts including: mobilisation of candidates, conducting screening of applicants, managing centre teach of instructors, procuring any new infrastructure for centre set up, preparing training and mobilisation materials, and keeping data fully updated on our global tool.

  • Preparing training centres by ensuring the readiness of all classroom materials (e.g. computers, chairs, boards), utilities (e.g. electricity, internet, toilets), signage and materials for field exercises (e.g. water, detergent), etc. before the start of each program
  • Management of centre staff – ensuring staff (coaches, teaching assistants) are prepared before program begins, assisting them in solving problems, organising weekly staff meetings, ensuring compliance with organization’s monitoring tools and processes
  • Overseeing the planning and execution of youth mobilisation and screening, from supervising use of different mobilization platforms (print, social media, community mobilizers), to ensuring quality execution of screening process (information sessions, literacy/numeracy tests, 1:1 interviews, and registration)
  • Coordinating logistics of day-to-day running of programs, including distribution of programme schedule and materials to instructors and students, support of field exercise logistics, supervision of use of grading tools (scorecard and assistance tracker), etc.
  • Maintaining database with student information and programme records before and after placement, ensuring candidate performance follow-up and maintaining contact with all alumni
  • Solving for consistent programme and process improvement
  • Collecting, synthesizing and responding to feedback on the programme and the curriculum from students and employers
  • Problem-solving on updates to curriculum and operational improvements

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Updated: May 9, 2017 — 1:26 am