Solidaridad Senior Impact Investment Manager Job in Kenya

Job Vacancy: Senior Impact Investment Manager

Background: Solidaridad is a Global Network Development Organization (NGO) and one of the world’s leading innovative organisations that aspire to transform the manner that we produce and consume in such way that it provides fair and profitable livelihoods and business opportunities, guarantees decent and equitable living wages for men and women, and does not deplete the landscapes where people thrive, now and for generations to come.

In Africa, Solidaridad has three Regional Expertise Centres; Solidaridad Eastern and Central Africa Expertise Centre (SECAEC) – with offices in Nairobi, Kenya, Solidaridad Southern Africa (SAF) in Johannesburg South Africa and Solidaridad West Africa in Accra, Ghana.

Through SECAEC, Solidaridad Africa, is seeking suitable person to fill the vacancy of Senior Impact Investment Manager (SIIM).

Job Profile: The role’s key purpose is to create sustainable impact through developing programs and serving entrepreneurs in the Solidaridad’s’ commodities supply chains  with business support, helping them to realize their full business potential and achieve long – term success.

The SIIM delivers tangible value to local farm companies, co-operatives, SME’s, and other regionally relevant public-private partnership arrangements by supporting them to become bankable and connect them with Impact Investors as well as blended finance donors.

The senior investment manager should be able to translate the creation of landscape assets like carbon, water and avoided deforestation, into investable propositions through developing bankable business cases.

The investment manager builds the capacity the staff on business case development and analyses and by developing and implementing training programs on business support.

Primary Relationships: The SIIM reports directly to the SECAEC Regional Director and will work closely with the CEOs of SAF and WAF and with the Global impact investment specialist as well as participate in the Global Impact Investment Task Force.

Within the SECAEC, SAF and WAF, the SIIM has primary working relationships with the continental, regional and in-country program and fundraising teams.

Externally, the SIIM works mostly with local farm companies, co-operatives and SME’s, local/regional public and private stakeholders, impact investors and blended finance donors.

Key Performance Areas:

Capacity development:

  • Provides support and training to SECAEC, WAF and SAF staff on business case development and financial analyses for commodity and landscape programs including producer organizations and SMEs being part of these programs
  • Develops training material on local business development and landscape financing.
  • Empower the local task force teams

Originating propositions:

  • Identify local farm companies, co-operatives, SME’s and local/regional public and private stakeholders, which have the potential to scale in existing and new  programs;
  • Supports the development of new programs in collaboration with program staff which can fill the pipeline of potential bankable local farm companies, co-operatives, SME’s and local/regional public and private stakeholders (development of business incubator programs)
  • Able to develop the business case for landscape assets e.g. carbon and water and make these opportunities concrete to translate them into investable propositions

Business support services:

  • Develops high quality, focused and concise screening of finance reports that allow for efficient decision making within agreed time frames
  • Identify business support needs of local farm companies, co-operatives, SME’s and develop a proposal for business development support
  • On approval of proposal for business support provides or manages business support services
  • Support the local business case in developing and implementing a robust business plan, financial plan and risk assessment and mitigation plan.

Portfolio management

  • Conducts regular visits to the investee e.g. the local farm companies, co-operatives, SME’s and local/regional public and private stakeholders in the portfolio to:-
    o    Report on the financial progress
    o    Develop and implement corrective action plans
    o    Raise a red flag where the investment pose a business risk
    o    Advise the organization when to dispatch the funds after all the requirements are met by the investee
    o    Evaluates the investment and ensure it creates impact it was intended to
  • Carry out financial and economical analysis of potential investee to evaluate if they are investable and advise on applicable finance packages and the (type of) impact investors that are able and willing to deliver suitable financial products ,
  • Organize matchmaking calls with existing impact investors and the Agri based SME for networking.

Program development:

  • Support commodity managers in fundraising and development of blended programs which has a business model for the local business cases
  • Develops bankable business cases for local farm companies, co-operatives, SME’s which is capable of attracting investors from local/regional public and private stakeholders, Impact Investors, governments and development banks
  • Evaluate the feasibility of investment opportunities available in the going SECAEC, WAF and SAF programmes


  • Develops and manages a network of impact investors, Blended financiers  and donors
  • Develops and manages a network of entrepreneurs
  • Develops and manages a network of NGO’s and service providers
  • Evaluation and management of appropriate business incubators

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Agriculture and Agribusiness, Communications and Media, NGO and UN

Updated: May 6, 2017 — 9:40 pm
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