Unicef Partnership Request to implement the Energy for the Poor Initiative in Kilifi and Garissa Counties


Expression of Interest for a Partnership to implement the Energy for the Poor Initiative in Kilifi and Garissa Counties

The Government of Kenya’s ambition ¡s to achieve universal energy access by the year 2020.

Achievement of this goal, will require expansion across multiple modalities of electrification including provision of off-grid electrification.

Kenya has one of the most vibrant solar markets in the world, driven by private sector companies that operate across different parts of the value chain.

A recent national survey conducted on behalf of Power Africa indicates that almost half of the population still does not access any form of energy and affordability is still the largest barrier to solar energy devices ownership.

Access to energy solutions can help alleviate poverty, improve income and enhance living conditions of the poorest parts of the population.

Given the importance of access to energy to child deprivations such as education and health there is a need to provide poor families and
their children an environment where they can develop their full potential.

UNICEF supports the governments “Cash Plus” agenda and the implementation of the national social protection policy.

The modeling of the “Energy for the Poor” programme aims to enhance access to energy to the most vulnerable segment of the population, develop markets and increase penetration to households in the lowest quintile in the pyramid in Garissa and Kilifi county.

More specifically, the programme intends to determine how social cash transfer can impact a recipient’s sense of ownership, repayment rates and quality of life indicators such as quality of learning for children and the quality of health of recipient households.

The target group will be the households in the lowest quintile already enrolled in the National Social safety nets programmes that have no
or limited access to energy and connect them to oft grid energy solutions.

Potential partners to implement this ¡nitiative should submit a 6-8 page concept note and a total budget estimate.

Bidders are expected to provide some detail of the methods/approaches/strategies they would use if selected for the full proposal stage.

Jobs in Kenya 2018The concept note should include but not be limited to the following:

1. Innovative approaches for linking cash transfer beneficiaries with off grid energy solutions including:

i) Community mobilization and awareness raising on the project and modalities
ii) Support/follow up with beneficiaries for repayment schedule/link with private sector
iii) Criteria for selecting the target communities and the target beneficiaries

2. Capacity building of county governments to sustainably plan, implement and monitor the initiative

3. Monitoring, documentation and real time learning to inform national policies and programmes

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Updated: January 10, 2018 — 12:00 pm