Xavier Project Primary School Teacher Job in Nairobi (50K)

Vacancy for Primary School Teacher

Job Title: Teacher for Primary School Accelerated Education Programme (AEP)

Area of Operation: Umoja/ Kayole Nairobi

Salary Range: KES 40,000 to 50,000

The vision of Xavier Project is for a world where everyone has the right to equal opportunities and protection wherever they live and whatever their background.

This right is denied to refugees and we use education to change this. Education provides protection and is the best possible tool to help refugees to access equal opportunities.

At Xavier Project we use pioneering education as the means to achieve our vision. We are promoting education for refugees in Kenya and Uganda in particular, so that they can have a positive difference on their communities, whether in their host countries or countries of origin.

Xavier Project has two departments each with their own strategic objective designed to meet this vision. The Education Department aims to increase access to relevant, quality formal education delivered in a safe environment for refugee children.

The Tamuka Department aims to make vocational and life-long learning available to all refugees even in emergency situations, primarily through the use of ICT.

Xavier Project is registered as a local NGO in Uganda, an international NGO in Kenya and a company and charity in UK. All operations are in Kenya and Uganda, but a majority of funds are raised in UK. We have a three way partnership agreement between the branches of

Xavier Project and one executive team primarily based in the Xavier Project headquarters in Nairobi. Xavier Project currently employs 28 permanent staff and has an annual income of $500,000 which has been increasing by 50% every year since its founding in 2008.

Background: Urban refugees in East Africa face unique challenges. Culturally, it is difficult to assimilate into their new communities as they can be victims of xenophobia and can struggle from language differences.

They cannot easily find jobs in a saturated and often nepotistic job market. There are administrative barriers to economic sustainability such as the challenge of obtaining work permits, and the rejection of foreign qualifications from employers and institutions.

At present many refugees in Nairobi or Kampala do not have access to quality, relevant education delivered in a safe environment and their opportunities in education lag behind those of their local counterparts.

In both Kampala and Nairobi there are over 10,000 refugee children who are not in formal education, amounting to around 50% in Nairobi and 60% in Kampala. 80% of those in formal education are not happy with the quality of the education they are receiving.

Program Description: Xavier Project is opening a learning center in Umoja to support the education of urban refugee youth who have missed school for prolonged periods of time for different reasons.

The Accelerated Education Program (AEP) aims at ensuring that such youth (aged 12-18 years) have access to basic education through using the non-formal primary Education curriculum provided by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD).

This will accord them a chance to acquire equivalent certified competencies for primary education through flexible school schedules and learning approaches that match their cognitive maturity.

We are therefore looking for a suitably qualified P1 teacher with appropriate qualifications and experience to help fulfil this mandate.

Job Description and required qualifications:

Under the supervision of the Education Officer, the incumbent will support the performance of the following functions:

  • Ensure regular attendance of at least 100 refugee background primary school-going across the different AEP levels
  • Teach all the 5 Primary School AEP subjects across the different levels: (English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies)
  • Prepare schemes of work, lesson plans and notes, and relevant teaching/learning resources
  • Maintain relevant records including: daily attendance, record of work covered, meetings, assessment of learning, inventories etc.
  • Carry out daily registration and ensure continuous learning, safety, welfare and comfort of all the learners
  • Profile all attending learners in terms of language and academic competencies and offer appropriate remedial support
  • Identify and document any psycho-social needs of learners and offer appropriate guidance and counselling and/or referrals to relevant partners
  • Hold and document regular consultative forums with the Learning Center Committee as the Secretary
  • Arrange regular meetings with each learner’s parent/guardian to review progress and advice on improvement
  • Hold relevant activities and events that enhance the learning progress and talent development of all learners
  • Help clean and maintain the Learning Center including furniture and learning materials and ensure their safety and security
  • Any other relevant duty that may be assigned to you from time to time

Qualifications Required

  • Education – Professional Teacher Training (minimum P1)
  • Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Registration
  • Diploma/Degree in Education will be added advantage
  • Minimum 2 years teaching in a primary school.

Skills and Competencies:

  • Interactive and innovative teaching approaches
  • Ability to effectively handle youth of diverse background.
  • Computer literacy is desirable
  • Knowledge of refugee and human rights is a plus
  • Working experience in Guidance and Counseling
  • Good knowledge of Umoja/Kayole and its environs
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Good Knowledge of Primary Schools and other learning centers within the area of operation
  • Working in the NGO sector is a plus
  • Proficiency in English and Kiswahili

Interested candidates should submit their CV and Cover letter to jobs@xavierproject.org by 26th January, 2018.

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