E-kodi Sales Intern Vacancy in Kenya

Sales Intern at E-kodi

Why E-kodi?

Ekodi is a real estate startup disrupting the norm in property management, by making it easy for tenants to get desired places, Owners to manage their properties and agents to list and get more business. It does so by introducing a management suite to the normal listing site

About You

We are looking for a motivated student that would like to apply their academic knowledge in a real world startup environment while gaining hands on experience in the field.

Ideally, we are seeking someone pursuing a business, communications, marketing or entrepreneurship degree. You’ll be posed with and help resolve real world sales and marketing challenges in a fast-paced innovative environment.

With E-kodi, you will:

Employee is expected to make every effort to optimize his/her sales performance and engage in activity on a daily basis that will facilitate this goal.

Required duties are as follows:

  • Learn about tried and true marketing tactics for small and medium sized businesses
  • Scheduling appointments and meeting existing customers in order to identify and qualify potential prospects and present current product offers.
  • Learn how to construct and improve sales pitches and proposals
  • Assist with developing sales/marketing campaigns via email newsletter Produce email marketing campaigns and mail merges
  • Test our defined sales process, offer and implement solutions to revise and improve this process
  • Perform operational business related tasks that increase brand awareness
  • Assist with collecting data on and measuring digital marketing effectiveness, and exploring methods to increase effectiveness based on this data
  • Utilize creative selling and outreach techniques to drive new business to our website
  • Effective planning to conduct sales presentations by meeting customers physically on daily basis.
  • Provide professional demonstrations or presentations of Company products and services while onsite.
  • Liaising between the Company and the customers for up-to-date pricing, service, and latest product-release launches.
  • Identifying and qualifying prospective customers through research, networking, and cold-calling.
  • Continuously updating all prospects on Company product modifications, changes, and enhancements.
  • Enhancing up-to-date knowledge on new products, procedures, services, and tools by attending departmental and training meetings.
  • Maintaining professionalism, diplomacy, sensitivity, and tact to portray the Company in a positive manner.
  • Effectively attending conferences and trade shows, where applicable.
  • Using marketing data to maximize sales effectiveness and efficiency by using relevant sales management tools.
  • Preparing reports for sales and marketing and maintaining accurate expense accounts.
  • Updating and maintaining customer account records, including contact names and numbers for future sales.
  • Aggressively following up on business opportunities.

Activity Reporting Requirements

Employee shall complete a Sales Activity Report each week by the end of the day on Friday and deliver it to the Sales Manager via email or in person.

Sales Reports must be turned in no later than the fifth of the month for the previous month. Additionally, Employee will provide a monthly Travel and Expense Activity Report no later than the fifth of the month for the previous month.

Expected Sales Results

Minimum and Acceptable Sales Targets are intended to describe what is the minimal expectation of the Company and should not be misconstrued as the ultimate goal of the Employee. Employee should seek to excel in his/her sales activity and push to attain the highest level of sales possible. However, Employee is not guaranteed employment by meeting any level of sales.

How to Apply

To apply email your CV to hr@e-kodi.com before 7th of February 2018


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