Moko Brand Activator Job in Nairobi, Kenya

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Job Vacancy: Brand Activator – Moko

Job Location: Nairobi, Kenya

About Moko: Moko Furniture is building Africa’s first homegrown major furniture brand. Furniture ranks among low-income families’ largest assets.

Moko helps these customers achieve a higher quality of life in their homes while offering better jobs for producers and protecting the environment.

Unlike existing low-cost furniture options, Moko offers quality, sustainable furniture without the risk of financial loss that consumers face in the current market.

About the Position: Moko has quickly grown from its founding in 2014 and today we are launching our Moko brand to be synonymous with superior quality furniture changing the way people experience their everyday home.

We are launching a new line of mattresses and we want to create a new way in which people experience and think about sleep. We’re looking for someone who will be responsible for representing the Moko’s brand as we interact with our customers during the “sleeping station” days.

The ideal Brand Activator will be someone who is passionate about talking to and listening to people to understand their perspectives. They will be keen to create an entertaining experience and to come up with new ideas to continually improve that experience. They will also be organized and attentive to respect systems put in place.

What you will do on the job

  • Be the Moko’s activator at Moko’s pop up stores – starting from the implementation of the sleeping station days
  • Assist customers to test Moko’s mattresses and create an engaging experience sharing relevant and entertaining information about the Moko’s story and products
  • Lead fun activities for children to engage during Moko’s activities
  • Perform other duties related to the development and implementation of the Moko’s marketing activities
  • Conduct consumers’ research, gather and report information on feedback concerning Moko’s products
  • Provide new ideas about activities that Moko can conduct

As a dream candidate:

  • You are a creative person who enjoys coming up and trying new ideas
  • You have a talent in communicating to people in a way that catches their attention
  • You have a talent to see things from customers’ perspective and tell a story that fascinates people
  • You enjoy coming up with ideas on how to deal with any challenges arising from the field.
  • You are extremely organized and you can ensure that all your responsibilities are done on time and targets are met
  • You thrive when you are able to take initiative and you are very self-motivated

Benefit of the position

  • Continuous coaching from your manager
  • Opportunity to quickly grow and lead other Moko’s activities

How to Apply

CLICK HERE to apply online

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Updated: February 26, 2018 — 11:01 am