Youth in Action (YiA) Design of Youth in Action Guide / Toolkit Consultancy in Kenya – Save the Children & Mastercard Foundation Partnership

Save the Children in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation

Youth in Action (YiA) Program

Scope of Work (SOW): Design of Youth in Action Guide / Toolkit

Background: Youth in Action (YiA) is a six-year program implemented by Save the Children in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation.

The goal of YiA is to improve the socioeconomic status of around 40,000 out-of-school young people (12-18 years), both girls and boys, in rural Burkina Faso, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Malawi, and Uganda.

The program is in its last year of implementation, intending to reach more than 40,000 young people by the end of March, 2018.

Reflected in the YiA Theory of Change, the program aims to achieve this by enhancing young people’s foundational skills and social assets, facilitating their action in livelihoods opportunities, and building key partnerships to remove barriers to youth’s participation in their economies and communities.

The program is in the process of designing a practice-oriented guide and toolkit based on learning from six years of working on youth livelihoods in rural areas.

This guide is aimed at practitioners mainly, and will draw on more formal research and learning from YiA, operational learning and provide key considerations, strategies, real case studies, and potential pitfalls with guidance and recommendations for others who are seeking to implement a similar youth livelihoods program in rural areas.

The guide will connect with and link to YiA’s overall program narrative and story that will be drawing from six years of research and learning. This is also currently under development.

YiA is looking for a consultant to drive forward finalization of this guide/toolkit. The YiA team has outlined the guide so the consultant will build on on-going work that has taken place during the last six months to complete the task both in terms of content and flow of information.

For more information on Youth in Action, please visit:

Objective and Activities for the Consultancy:

Objective: To produce high quality guide/toolkit that showcases Youth in Action’s unique learning and contribution towards the youth livelihoods development space in Africa.

Key Sample Activities:

  • Develop a workplan to complete the guide/toolkit, including identification of gaps that the consultant will address and content to be revised, based on a professional insight and a formal review from YiA Program Director and YiA Research Advisor.
  • Review feedback from YiA program technical team on current draft and incorporate as relevant.
  • Consult countries and regional team members as needed to develop any specific content, case studies. This may involve one country site visit if possible.
  • Consult select technical staff at Regional and HQ offices (specifically, sharing working document) or others outside of the direct YiA programming.
  • Finalize review and revisions
  • Work with SC Canada Communications and Learning and Knowledge Management focal points to finalize layout.
  • Prepare a presentation on the toolkit for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Host a preview soft launch session on the toolkit at the YiA regional final event in Kampala on May 23rd and 24th.
  • Finalize review of document before production and printing, including a summary page and visual representation.

Reporting and Collaboration:

The consultant will report to the YiA Program Director and will finalize a workplan with key milestones with her after award of the contract.

This will also require close collaboration with YiA Deputy Director, key members of the YiA technical team, YiA Country Offices, and specifically YiA Research Advisor in Washington DC, YiA Communications Specialist and YiA Learning and Knowledge Management Specialist in Toronto.


  • At least 10 years of experience in youth livelihoods
  • Previous experience working with youth in rural Africa
  • Previous experience writing and editing manuals and toolkits
  • Ability to work from home, with possible field travel (no more than 2 trips)

Period of work: March 5th to July 31st, 2018

Key milestones and suggested dates:

  • Workplan due: March 13th
  • First full draft completed: April 27th
  • Save the Children to provide feedback on first full draft: May 4th
  • Soft Launch at YiA Learning Event: 23-24 May 2017
  • Second full draft completed: June 8th
  • Second round of feedback: June 15th
  • Final guide delivered: June 29th

**Please note these are approximate dates to be finalized during work-planning with selected consultant or company.

Number of days: Approximately 30 days to be negotiated with selected consultant or company

Payment will be made based on key milestones:

  • 25% up-front payment to start
  • 25% after submission of first draft
  • 50% upon submission of final guide/toolkit

Location: Remote with possibly up to 2 trips for consultation/presentation – TBD with Program Director.


Interested consultants should apply to by February 21st, 2018

Please include CV, draft plan for work and estimated budget (including daily rate), and an example of past work on a toolkit/guide or similar type document.

Please note that Save the Children will cover costs of travel to YiA project field locations, if agreed in the workplan, and costs of accommodation and meals in the field.

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